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Overstuffed: Back to the daily grind

[As he is often wont to do, Cedi gets at the subject of overstuffing one's self in games with the thought and analysis worthy of a scientific journal. Today's topic: Grinding in RPGs/mobile games! Do you, like Cedi and countless others, fin...


The Destructoid community has made my blogging venture here the most fulfilling thing I've done in a long time. From the bottom of my heart, Happiest of Thanksgivings! Hope to return the favor by continuing to write and HUGE HUGS (source in comments)


Hmmm... my phone maaaaay not be able to handle FEHeroes' upcoming 2.0 update. Hard to say before it gets here. I was hoping to review it for a blog, but if that can't happen, I'll have to try something else...


Super Mario Odyssey is so great! So much to do, to find, to explore, to play with! Finally I can break my mobile addic- *FEHeroes Book II releasing in 9 days* *Morbid curiosity for Sonic Forces Speed Battle increases*


Time to start stepping forward. Just made some big changes to my Destructoid sidebar, among other things. Thankfully, I have my response to the monthly Blogger's Wanted prompt going live in approximately... three hours!


Why Do People Enjoy Yet Loathe Gacha Games?

Clickbait proof: I hate exploitative practices in freemium games. I only advocate playing these games spending a budget comparable to an MMO subscription, if not less (actually always less). I do not consider microtransactions exploit...


Whoa whoa whoa... this is real? This isn't sci-fi? Did anything from sci-fi even suggest the future would let us print freaking HOUSES!?


Hooooo boy... today's gonna be a doozy. Job interview in two hours, but I'm also working on my most controversial blog... ever, probably. I promised to write why I like these kinds of games, and I will... while tackling their huge ethical issues head on.


Wait a sec... Sonic Mania and Forces have SURVEYS?


Bump for my blog from this morning! Continuing the retrospective I started last month, I ramble about Mario's two biggest releases on the Nintendo Gamecube. I got a lot I like about them, but also a little... well... you know... THAT part of Sunshine...


Super Mario Retrospective: Gaming Cubed

It's Freedom Like You Never Knew Ohsnap, I forgot to mention I also played Super Mario Bros 2 on NES during the first entry of this series! I guess part of why is that I don’t have many strong memories of that game. It’s a ...


Happy birthday to our DeadMoon! Er... happy death-day?


Gotta say, knowing how self-aware the Sonic Twitter is... there's NO WAY Sega can't notice the huge dividing line in reception between Mania and Forces. I'm curious to see whatever happens as a result... with fingers crossed.


I don't know why I keep thinking qposts function similarly to Tweets but I need to get that into my head. QPosts do not. Use. Line breaks.


Me: I need to clear my backlog of blog ideas while I job search Myself: *brainstorms more blog ideas* I: Thanks, I needed more backlog


Sonic's Identity Crisis: A Mad Dash

Live and Learn... Hanging On the Edge of Tomorrow Sonic’s history is a troubled one. You don’t need me to tell you that, but I do need to tell you that’s what this blog is focused on today. At first, the little hedgeh...


My policy to not be a liar has paid off! Thanks a ton for the front page, Wes!

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From our community  

Overcoming Fear: Knowledge is Power

[Anyone who says they aren't afraid of water levels and the awful music that typically plays as you watch your hero clutch their throat for air in a futile attempt to continue being a living person is a liar. Cedi, thankfully, is a truthful...


Despite what I said yesterday, I have another big blog currently in the works! May or may not be done until next week, though... it's getting MUCH more huge than I anticipated...


I need to slow down on CBlogs so I can focus harder on more productive things. I will keep CBlogging multiple times a month, I promise that, it's still one of my personal goals. But I'm afraid I've been neglecting job searching too much since I joined...


Ohno Guacamelee 2 My body isn't ready for all of this hype D:


Yooka Laylee? A Hat In Time? Super Mario Odyssey? This has become the year of the Collectathon and I FUDGING LOVE IT


I'm doing the Odyssey


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