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Hey this game still seems to be alive.Remember hearing about it a while ago from a dtoid article about it. Game looks good so far. Hard to follow the game's progress in development since they decided to make the updates for kickstarter backers only.


Finished Dangropana Ultra Despair Girls there and thought it was solid enough. A 7/10 or so was expecting a lot worse from all the hate I heard about it. Some nice character development in bits in the game too.


Saw a review for Silent Hill 4 yesterday which mentioned the game having some ridiclous camera angles and they were right with the examples.Was wondering what's a game that you thought had some ridiclous camera angles?Could be plain bad ones or weird ones


Of course this game seems to come from Russian developers. Not mad on what they showed but seems like a maybe cool idea for a game if it is done well/intresting.


Decided to give 999 a try there on steam earlier today. Got it cheap in a steam sale. Man I am glad I got it on PC. The cursor speed with a DS4 is slow as fuck very annoying. The English voice acting so far is pretty bad Japense voice actig sounds good th


Was thinking of buying something from Amazon UK to Ireland and now all I can say is man fuck those new brexit related import fee's it's behond fucking greedy and I will probably stop using Amazon now.Now cost an extra 20% for anything even with free shipp


What sequel game was "more of the same mostly" that you really enjoyed? Or at least more of the same mostly in terms of game mechanics and gameplay.For me probably Dishonored 2 and the Layton games. Wasn't mad on Dishonored 1 but loved Dishonored 2.


#hotaketoidIguesskinda Playing Dangropana Ultra Despair Girls now while I agree it's not really good or great it still seems to be solid enough a good 6-7/10 game was expecting a lot worse from it so far from what some people say about it


Finished Dangropana 2 well that was weird. Does feel like it has a pretty good second half and a so so first half so not sure if I would really say I prefer it to the first at all. Just I guess the first half isn't awful but it isn't pretty great either


Playing through Dangropana 2 always been curious that does anybody here actualy play the bonus non canon story mode you unlock at the end of the games where you get infite time with all the ultimate people?


Finished up the second class trial there in Dangropana 2.I did enjoy the first a good bit.People seem to ssy the first class trial its way too obvious who the killer is but it felt way more obvious in the second class trial.Pretty dissapointed in thetrial


Played a bit of Bug Fables now nice enough so far.Never played a Paper Mario before.Do feel so far the game's visuals are very boring and lifeless imo.I thought playing it might make me go oh the people saying paper mario games must be turn based but nope


Finished Omori there at 44 or so hours I mean I did do most of the side quests but not all of them so a pretty big game if you want to take it slow. Overall would give it a 8.5/10 actualy liked the near end parts of it a good bit.


Game/game series that has the best fan service in your opinon?


Did just make a qpost but just saw now this month's humble monthly bundle has Valkyrie Chronciles 4 complete edition and Outward with it's dlc for €9.95 and all the other games in that monthly bundle. That seems like a really good deal actualy.


Had a random horror game pop into my you tube feed thing there. Game called Lost in Vivo. People seem to call it like Silent Hill if it was a FPS. Reviews and reception seem to be very good mostly for the game. Does look pretty intresting and only €10.


20 hours into Omori lot of fun one big thing I would say is I feel people over empathized it being horror like and really sad. Certainly there in bits and not done badly or anything but most of your time in the game is a nice chill Earthbound like game.


Huh you can unlock bonus song cd's in Omori and one says by Toby Fox that's a nice suprise. I do think it's a nicer song then the one he did for Pokemon.I mean I guess it could be a Easter Egg but eh most likely he did one of the games songs.


This here playstation wrap up thing. Man I don't even remember playing Yakuza 0 or Red Dead 2 last year. It isn't that I didn't love them it was just I could have sworn I finished them in 2019 not 2020.


Bought Omori today and played a few hours of it. Charming little game and the turn based fighting isn't too bad so far.Seems to maybe be the type of game with some horror bits but more of a happy Earthbound like game for most of it's run time.


Man I can see why GoofierBrute was annoyed at Jenny"s Le Clue's ending now that isn't a ending at all. Just finished the game there, really charming little game excellent voice acting too. It's on sale for €3 or so on the switch now.


Huh seems every target in at least Hitman 2 has a unique voiced dialogue line if you try tosubdue but press no button.So if your just trying to choke them out and don't press any buttons. Seems most of them are them making fun of Agent 47. Some weird ones


I finished Valhalla a Cyberpunk action game however the fuck it is supposed to be spelled. Overall great little game few issues but a nice suprise. Agree with Soulbow that it's pacing isn't great. However still think Siege is trash. Would give it a 7.5/10


Just started Cybershadow there music for chiptune standards is neat enough so far. I hope to God you unlock a run or faster movement ability in the game because my God it feels like to me you move slow as fuck so far. Especialy for somebody that is a ninj


Hmmm 3,4,5 Bayo 3 being delayed probably for a while, Pikmin 4 still being a distant dream, SMT V probably being delayed/not mentioned about for another while. I think gaming seems to hate any number past 3 lately it seems.


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