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Most charming game you have played so far?For me probably a Hat In Time,West of Loathing or Wandersong


Been playing a good few hours of Crosscode on switch fun enough game would agree with a 7-7.5 though a lot of disappointing aspects to it.Its writing is awful for the quest givers,boring beginning to the game as well.Fun dungeons puzzles and combat thoug


Longshot but if anybody has a American credit card could they get Risk of Rain 2 on Switch for me. On the Argentia shop its only about €8-€11 all the time. I already have it just my little bro wants it. I can just paypal the money of the game


Thinking of Risk of Rain 2 whats a game/game series that is 2D that you would like to see a 3D game bw made of and vice versa if its a 3D game?


Wasn't expecting much out of Dangropana Trigger Happy Havoc but on the second chapter now and got to say so far its very good.Especially since I don't usually like visual novel games or overly anime things in general.


What game has suprised you the most this gen just in terms of not expecting a lot of out but then loving the game or only expecting to like a game but then you ended up loving it? For me its the indie games in genreal,really improved from the 360 era


I tried looking it up but couldn't find much advice. What diffculity would people recommend playing Danganropa 1 Trigger Happy Havoc on? Suprised it has any diffculity options at all.


What's your most disappointing cancelled game and why?


Your favourite piece of crossover content in a game? So anything crossover related like a level,weapon,costume or something


Whats your favourite rhytm section in a game or at least parts where stuff happens to the beat of the games music?


Biggest moment in a game you got screwed over badly by RNG and the biggest moment in a game you benefited greatly from RNG?


Spoilerz a plenty of course but whats your favourite and least favourite plot twist in a game?


Check out a game called Buried Stars,seems pretty much like Dangropa, its a visual novel game like it down to similar first person inspection gameplay. It ia really hard to find much on it. Tried to look up its trailer on you tube couldn't even find one


Must say for a game I had no real expectations for and never heard of it until it launched Phonetopia Awkaening so far a few hours in has actualy been pretty fun. Well worth the $20


Just saw there that Fallout 4 sure reviewd very high in terms of review scores. Review Number scores are not a b all and end all tp judge games and so on I know that. Just curious that a game like that did so well. Got 9.5's,9's and the likes


For any fans of Fist of The North Star here what movies/shows would you reccomend watching for newcomers?Seems the reception for some of the modern stuff is pretty mixed but less so for the old stuff


Bayonetta series or Devil May Cry series?


I guess I shouldn't be suprised considering the show has Bizzare in it but I saw a minute or two of clips from the JoJo show and that has to be one of the weirder shows moments I have seen in a while.Guess I might check out the show now.


Just a tip for those who are playing Metro 2033 Redux or Metro Last Light Redux on PC. Don't turn on Physx in the game options. For me it makes the game crash every time it trys to launch. Others say it game them crashes while playing.


Whats a genre you would love to see a favourite developers of yours to make that is not the usual game they make. So the way Serious Sam people made Talos Princple or how the Bulletstorm people made the Vanishing of Ethan Carter


Oh wow, I saw the you tube comments on the Yakuza 6 song of diamonds.People kept saying the English lyrics for it are kinda depressing. Looked them up and yep thats some depressing stuff right there weird because the song seems to mosyly be a happy vibe


Been wondering for those of you who didn't enjoy Horizon Zero Dawn much at all or God Of War how have you been finding Ghost of Tsushimna?


Been playing some hours of Judgment, bummed to see it made one of the things that annoyed me in Yakuza 0's combat much worse. That it takes forever to get back up after you get knocked down by strong attacks. Really ruins the flow of some fights so far Z


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