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Heard just there that EA wants to patent/is trying to patent dynamic diffculity in games. That sucks ass if true, I saw their last few patents they are trying to make and just get more and more dissapointed. Hopefuly they aren't able to do it.


Random I guess but give me some good recentish game reccomendations that are between €40-60. Birthday is the 23rd of this month and my older sister wants me to get me a game. Have way too much art/hobby stuff already so I am thinking of a game instead.


Has anybody here watched the ainme show Full Metal Alchmeist, if so what did you think of it? Never seen it before or know much of it but heard somebody praise it a lot as a good ainme for those not really into ainme or only really start to get into ainme


Got to the end of world 2 now in Mario 3D World+Bowser Fury. Never played the game before and it is pretty fun I am suprised by that. Glad you have some of Mario's moves from the actual 3D Mario games. Still would probably give it a 8/10 at most though.


To all the Pac Man 99 players here, this is you. Got to respect that amount of love for something even if it is just a single video game. Him saying Pac Man gives him a tingling feeling on his nipples is very dtoid like.


Even if the game is craap that's a insanely quick mark down in price for a €60 ps4 game


Got to the second Palace in Persona 5 Strikers and ir has got me thinking you know if you fleshed out each characters move sets, gave them more moves and expanded the combat system out a lot I probably would prefer it to P5 combat system maybe


For something that is just a series of short ads this was actualy pretty good the ending ad was really good too.


Finished Yakuza 3 Remastered there or at least the main game I would put it at the lowest of the ones I played out of the series in order so far but it wasn't awful. Side storiee I did were mostly nice too. Rikia was nice too would have liked more of him


Double post but just came across this game there and it looks maybe neat.Called Cozy Grove seems to be a AnimalCrossing lite like game with more of a objective in it and seems to be about40 hours which sounds maybe right or maybe close to right forthisgam


Tried a bit of Darkwood there on switch there and it's really neat so far very unsettling.Main worry is just that I heard the game is like 50 hours long or something.That sounds mad long for a surival game and mayget dull.Glad the game has a normal mode


Pro tip don't bother to try and fight the blue glitchy looking shadow with the teddy bear boss fight in the first palace in Persona 5 Strikers. That thing is pure fucking evil that insta kills you easily. Seems like its a later game boss intended.


Best serial killer side quest in a game? For me most of the time the serial killer side quests always seem to be the best part of a game with side content or at least they are among the best side quests in the games.


Children of Morta seems to have got a big update that adds in a new seperate mode that makes the game more like Dead Cells/Binding of Issac aparently. I don't really get what that means because I thought the game was already like that but seems maybe neat


Tried a bit of Persona 5 Strikers there not played a warrior game but so far it is pretty good.Will say though if you don't turn on graphic mode on the ps4 the characters models edges look pixely and weird. Weird auido mixing with some spoken lines quiet




My God I got Switch online just there and tried multiplayer in Crash Team Racing and it actualy worked, wasn't kicked out of a match and had to wait less then a minute for a race. Sounds saracastic maybe but I was expecting it to be a shitshow


Going to ignore it because A the game only runs at 30fps on switch and B I heard very iffy things about that port but I think Ghostrunner is 75% off on the Switch. I think the sale should still be going on forthose intrested in gettingthe gameon theswitch


5 seperate crashes now and I haven't even finished Day 1 of Disco Elyisum this is just becoming infurating now might just wait for some more updates now. I do reguraly auto save so haven't lost much progress but it is still annoying all the same.




Finished Metro Exodous Sams Story just there,wasn't half bad mostly wasn't the hugest lover of Metro Exodous but I did enjoy it and I can say the same about Sam's Story. If you loved the main game you should quiet enjoy a good bit of the dlc.Awfulbossfigh


I did just make a qpost but confused about something. I think Phoneix Wright got 3 3DS games right? Do they have physical editions in the West? Was hoping they would be the ones to get the remaster port of 3 games bundled in one. May have to digital buyif


What some stuff you want to start seeing more of in future rogue like games? Not the biggest rogue like guy but just wondering. For me more 3D rogue likes, more ones with a big focus on using traps/the ennviroment, turn based ones, weird genre mix ones


I am enjoying Disco Elyisum and most of the writting and side characters are actualy really well done but the choice aspect feels so limited and just not there the more I play. I do enjoy the game but it is really dissapointing me with that one thing.


Progamer backlog tip here for free if you can watch the credits in a game by just going to the options menu then you can consider the game finished and move on to the next game in your backlog


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