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Fuck this been given what our Acamdeic plan will be next semster for college. Only get 3 weeks out of 12 on campus rest are online and they still charge the same fucking price.


Wait what I got Deus Ex Human Revoultion Directors Cut on steam on sale. They removed the gold tint/yelloe tint for what seems like no reason. I saw a comparision picture and the game looks way uglier now this is really dissapointing.


Whats a mechanic/weapon/feature you feel was awesome in a game but way too situtional/underutilized for you?


Man fuck its so fun in Soma to just pick up random shit and mess around with the item and the physics of the game. Completely pointless to do but in a fun way. Game is crying for a VR mode.


What are some games your looling foward to getting and trying in the future that are already out? Wether it be from backlog price or other reasons.


Hahaha in Far Cry 5 it has some mechanic it seems where you get captured at random. Funny thing is it does that even if your say flying a helicopter or parachuting. I mean I do find it pretty fun but yeah thats dumb and annoying sounding.


Just so people know it seems a few reviewers are saying the Switch port of Crosscode is kinda rough. Not unplayable but not super smooth at the same time. Maybe look into it before buying the game. Shame but I don't mind waiting for some patches first.


Finding it hard to pick and choise one or two games at a time to plsy through fully in my ps4 backlog. Give me your suggestions of which to play first and to fully play. Have a list of the games in the comments.Just be nice to hear some opinons and sugges


Finally finished Observer overall thought it was a great little game. Way longer for me then the 5 hours others said. Had some issues most notable performs like ass on ps4 at times. Still probably one of the better Cyberpunkish games.


Huh noticed something thats a little nice with Deus Ex Mankind Divided. It has the whole download part of the game get ti play the first mission. Nice thing is this actualy lets you play all the dlc and only having to do a 8GB download for the main game.


Going back to Observer now and wow pretty impressed with it. Probably one of the better attempts I have seen at cybperpunk for a game. What I will say is though the ps4 performance of it is God awful. Hope Soma isn't the same.


Saw something there apparently Persona 5 is being made into a stage play called Persona 5 The Stage.All your waifus there as humans I would say oh no with this but then I remembered Nier Automata got a kinda nice stage play didn't it.


Don't really want spoilers for Hollow knight but just wondering is the Watchers knights boss fight and the third section of the Collesoum of fools the hardest aspects of the game?Tried to do them there and fuck me found it pretty managable before them.


Happened to check out the infamous Jim Sterling assain creed 2 review and Chris Carter Link between worlds yesterday night and just wow.And holy shit Chris review now has 1996 comments.This was my first time seeing those reviews at all.


Whats some of your favourite villans and why?For me what comes to mind is Glados Gaunter O Dimm Andrew Ryan The Boss Joker and Skull Kid.I just like asking random questions with games.


All the big Final Fantasy fans can you reccomend me some good music from the franchise?Never played any and only know of 7s battle theme music because its in smash ultimate it was pretty sweet.


Whats some good games that have a running theme of going insane or more insane throughout them?All I can think of games I know is Spec Ops the line Eternal Darkness maybe Steins Gate not played any of the three yet.


Whats the proudest you felt for somebody else achieving something in a game?Could be anybody could be stuff like a younger brother wiping the floor with you in a fighting game etc etc.


Huge backlog of ps4 games basically drowning in ps4 games at this point


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