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Tried a little bit of Blasphemous there. It is neat but pretty suprised that you feel so slow and unagile for a game with a pretty largeish amount of platforming bits. I do mean that in a bad way too,enemies feely really one note to fight so far too


Good to see that Square Enix learned there lesson from the launch trailer of FF7 Remake that just randomly threw in a scene near the end of the game.They learned their lesson for FF7 Intergrade launch trailer by showing even more of the endgame stuff init


Was thinking just there how many dtoiders here are vegand/vegeratians?Don't think I know of a single one here I know for sure isn't one. I am not one and never will be one but just am curious who is one here.


Playing Three Houses lately and Nier Replicant lately and its weird to see that they seem to share 2 bigish similar aspects. Not finished either one yet so not looking for spoilerz just already know about it for both.


Played a few hours of Nier Replicant bunch of numbers verison and so far pretty happy with it and had mild expectations for it. Although I do have to laugh at the design of Kainé's underwear/I guess pants and not in a good way. Makes Quiet look modest


Well just got the first vaccine shot there, relief to get it soon while still being youngish, now the waiting game begins to see when/if I feel like shit soon or become Bill Gates


Going to be real here, do much people like rhubarb pie and if not what is wrong with you?


Well that's Horace finished, personaly wouldn't give it much more then a 7/10(7/10isn't a bad score for a game).Good enough game and I see why some people liked it but I had too many issues with it personaly.Got fed up at Chapter 21 and youtubed the rest


Woven is on sale on the eshop now for $2 seems kinda good, seems like a collecathon platformer like game. Doesn't seem as good as the likes of A Hat in Time say but looks much better then Yoka Laylee. Seems like the few reviews it got were somewhatpostive


Seems I am in for a apointment tomorrow to possible get a shot of the vaccine. Was told to come in for it just doubtful that they didn't get something wrong and during the apointment I won't get the vaccine. Just you know I'm not 60+ so seems random forme


Brother ordered a ps5 online and had it shipped to our house to get on the weekend.Arrived here yesterday I opened it up to check everything is there and man ps5's are heavy as fuck or at least way heavier then I would expect a console to be


Apparently The Outer Wilds people announced they are soon to start working on a DLC. That's some nife news hopefuly its a bigish DLC that offers something a bit different then the main game.


What's in the box?(well package but I want to join in with what the cool kids do here with those qposts)


Played a decent bit of Horace now and while its a nice enough game it really would be a lot better if it is much shorter and tighter. Only about a third or so through it and already done 2 prettt shit stealth levels so that doesn't help for me.


Played a decent bit of Three Houses now and it is good but I did wish it doesn't have missing attacks based on rng, much better map variety/different mechanics/gimmicks with them and a much smaller more focused main cast/characters.


Brother told me to buy him Little Kings Story today on steam because it is on sale for €5 now and I bought it for myself as well and tried a bit out and hey they actualy fixed it up.Loved the game on the Wiiso was a huge shameto see it's launch behorrib


That price seems too good to be true but just maybe it is. What a steal for both of the Nier games.


Saw a game called Mary Skelter 2 on the switch is down to €12 on sale and comes with the first game.Seems like a ainme like first person dungeon crawling game like Etrian Odysey and Persona Q.Fan serviceyness of it does look a bit much but has my intres


Well I am really confused by something in Lair of the Clockwork God.To get one of the required Ram chip things you have to intentionaly use a bug in the game and its the only way.But even in the patch notes they mentioned that theyare trying to fixthatbug


What's a game you liked that you wish had voice acting? Lately for me it would have been nice with Lair of The Clockwork God, has some funny lines that could have been more funny with voice acting.


Three Houses arrived today been enjoying it so far mostly although one thing is really annoying me and I may have to put the game down. It's kinda spoilery so I will say it in the comments.


Been thinking there what are some games you feel are all style and no substance or close to that for you?


Well pre-orded Nier Replicant from Gamestop and was told the day of release that there would be a delay(you know before I could cancel a order or anything)and was told it would shipearly this week to me.It'sFriday and havent gota emailsaying it hasshipped


Did just make a qpost saying a game on the psn sale but saw just there Othercide is on sale too for €16.Never seen that go on sale before and I think the Switch port is supposed to bepretty bad compared to the ps4.Seems too diffcult for me but visualsco


Dragon Crown Pro is down to $5 in a sale now for those intrested. Was suprised the game is only $20 at a normal price. I mean a basic port to the next gen for a game should be $20 but rarely is.Anyway game may intrest people has two deep large round plots


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