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Man the character creator in Soul Caliber 6 is glorious. OC don't steal.


AHHHHHH for God sake I was getting annoyed for ages in Nier Replicant that I couldn't do the 15 nightmares DLC and I never realized that the second part of the game isn't(well I'll put the rest in the comments I guess)


What's your favoutire raining moment/raining related moment in a game or movie/show? Spoiler warning I guess


Gettingabout half way through the second half of the game of Nier Replicant and while I quiet like the game I don't think I could give it more then a 6-7/10 no matter what.It will probably be my favouritegame this year butjust yeah so manyunremarkablebits


Hey so I got Evil Within 2 physical on ps4 the other day because somebody mentioned the game here lately and it has had my intrest for a while. Does it matter if you haven't played Evil Within 1 and want to skip to 2. Story does seem shit in both I think


Huh seems the qpost I made about the joke with Village was deleted. No clue why maybe a mod actualy thought it was spoilers. Would be funny if that was so.


Oh saw there that Toe Jam and Earl Back in The Groove game got a biggish update last week if anybody here cared much for that game. Never played it or know much about it but got it in a eshop sale for like €3.


Time to soon use my 2DS for the first time in years, got Professor Layton Miracle Mask today, lost my 3DS charger so had to get a new one to play it although the charger was only €7. Can't think of much remaining 3DS games I haveintrest in althoughnotus


Was thinking since they did add Nemseis from Resi 3 to Marvel Vs Capcon fighting game so will they add Lady D in future Marvel Vs Capcom fighting games if they ever happen. I mean Nemesis was already pretty tall.


Tried a small bit there of Soul Caliber 6 and not much of a fighting game person apart from Smash but Soul Caliber 6 feels great to play.2B is pretty neat found it funny they decided to make how you fish in Automata as an attack for her.


Man the side quest in the later half of Nier Replicant are shit, they weren't all that good in the first half but at least they were quick/easy to do. Not going to bother doing most of the ones in the second half apart from the ones which give weapons


I just saw there in the og nier the voice actor for Nier Dad was the same guy that dis coffee dad in Persona 5. Younger Nier sounds pretty good in Nier Replicant and don't have any issues with him but damn would have loved to have Dad nier with thavoiceac


Not played either Pokemom Snap games but the photo taking aspect is pretty fun in Astral Chain. Just nice to take photos of enemies and get lore enteries on them for doing that. Of course you have the challenge of doing that while not trying to get hitbut


Hmmm not really into fighter games or at least traditonal ones except Smash but I am half tempted to get Soul Caliber 6 Deluxe Editio on the ps4 for $13 simply for the fact you can play as Gerlat and 2B in it and can make your own horriblelooking characte


Jesh Astral Chain for a Platnium made game has so much content in it even just ignoring S+ levels. Seems my playthrough may end up being 30 hours with some side stuff not done in levels most likely. I mean I'm not saying it's bad just suprsingly meaty


Yo Dangus if you want to take a break from punishing yourself with a lot of bad Sonic games then the game Agony is €2 on the eshop now. It's one of the best games of this gen, just don't look into the reviews they are full of spoilers and lies


Super Mega Spoilerz for Fire Emblem Three Houses in the comments. I tried to look up how you do the secret thing in the game but all the guides are confusing me. Can somebody clear it up for me? Question in the comments


Oh seems there was a rumour earlier that Lost Judgment will get actual story DLC among the usual DLC they tend to do for the new Yakuza games. That sounds good all of that DLC before was just shit, just extra stuff for minigames.Probably still partly that


Any survial game nuts here try Green Hell? It's 50% off on the eshop now, seems to have got pretty good reviews. May pick it up if the switch port isn't shit which it doesn't seem to be.Bit on the fence though if so diffcult that itfeelsconstantly frustra


Another deal I guess,only person who I think here might be intrested in the deal is RiffRaff but that Sherlock Vs Jack The Ripper game by Frogware the people behind the 2 most recent Sherlock games is in a fanatical bundle for like €3. Has Coma 1 in itt


While me and Dangus correctly think Gravity Rush 2 is pretty bad to play in terms of gameplay and mission design it is on sale for $10 on the psn store. I say you can probably get physical copies cheap but maybe not $10 cheap or maybe so


Game called 7th Sector is on sale on the eshop for €12, seems maybe intresting might pick it up. Seems to be basicaly a cyberpunk like 2D puzzle game. Not sure if the switch port is good or not.


Man that part in Nier Replicant where you have to move slow in the room with projectiles is annoying as fuck to do. Mainly because its easy to make the analogue stick make your movement normal instead of slow by accident and have to restart the room.


I think those Famicom Detective Switch games are out this week. I'm just curious who here is actualy thinking of getting them at full price. They just seem crazy pricey att €60 for both of them. No clue if the Famicom Detective games have loads of fans


Man Grimoire Weiss so far in Nier Replicant version bunch of numbers is such a loveable dick. Usualy find games make characters like that too much of a dick or too little or just boring.Great voice acting too for him with the line delievery.


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