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Thinking about it there,Vergil in Devil May Cry 5 plays as a simpler/shallower little bit more flashy Astral Chain. At least from what I saw it looks like that, he does some fighting while the minions do most of the attacks and do auto attacks.


Shit if this really is true that's a nice loophole to get a easy pass for a exam,save a ton of time on not studying. Would need to make the kill look accidental during the exam though. Poison could maybe still count but would have to make it hard to trace


Dangus I found the perfect game bundle for you, it's at a steal of a price too


Also not into old school like first person dungeon crawler games but if you really liked Gloomhaven I think it was then you'll probably like this game. It's €10 on sale on the eshop now and seems to have got some good reviews.


Hmmmmm Blue Points Shadow Of the Colossus is down to $10 on the psn store. It's still around €20-25 now to get it physicaly. Never played the game before so that price is tempting me.


Playing a decent bit more of the Evil Within 2 so far and yeah so far at least this turning out to be a pretty good game. Really impressed with how much work is put into optional side areas like the houses and buildings.They give some placesuique partstoo


Super spoilerz I guess but what are some of the biggest plot holes for you in games? Can be stupid/annoying plot holes or whatever. Also say a plot hole you hate in a game you like and in a game you hate. Or don't I'm not your mom


Really dissapointed to just figure out that Biomutant is having day one DLC, it's mercenary class is a paid DLC.It's only techincaly free if you pre order the game digitaly but not physicaly.Really shitty move to do that,same as day one fighing game DLC


That's Astral Chain finished now would probably give it a 7/10 but with the info that I would still strongly reccomend the game and quiet liked it. Issues were pacing,awkward counter move,crap story/writting, crap camera/auto lock, lack of moves


My work now that I am back on site again for my co-op college internship job is the very definition of "also cocks"


Game seems maybe intresting, probably a case of good writting and so so gameplay. On sale now for €5 on the eshop may pick it up myself.


Huh just saw there they showed off the opening 1 minute cutscene for Rune Factory 5. For what I think is mostly a farming gaming the cutscene was a lot better then I thought it would. Nice animation and the like.Wonder if there will be news on game soon


Getting near the final file or two in Astral Chain and great game and all but man what a shitttttt story. I would say its a bit better then the story in Vanquish but every other Platnium game prefered the story in them and I barely like them in thosegames


Just heard of this movie now, seems neat, seems like it is basicaly a wholesome ainme like take on Finding Nemo but people did say it was an intresting movie so I would say to check it out. Might be a good family movie I guess to watch


Got ending E in Nier Replicant bunch of numbers verison so done now.The new content is pretty short but is admitely pretty cool and much prefer new content then yet again recycling the old content.Would give the game a 5.5-6/10. Automata is superior to it


Intresting,so apparently according to recent previews for DeathLoop it seems to work off being a level by level structure.Instead of just being a rogue like open world game so it has my intrest now.You pick each level and time period to go aftereachtarget


That Amazon New World game apparently wants to sell fast travel in the game as a paid microtransaction.HAHAAHHAHAHAH what a bunch of fucking idiots if true.


Well Route A and B done in Nier Replicant so done most of the content now. Liked Route A way more then Route B personaly suprinsgly. So I would say to those who feel bored of the game a good bit into Route A just drop the game.Route B won'thave much for u


You know I went in with low expecations and I did get the game physicaly for €6 but so far Evil Within 2 is suprisngly good. Not a brillant or really good game but so far a solid enough one. Consider me impressed considering I think the first is shit.


Been getting through Route B lately in Nier Replicant and wow it makes route B look good in Nir Automata so far so little is different in Route B,some new cutscenes after you go through identical content without even one or two diffe gameplay bits at all


Oh seems they are making a new Purge movie called Forever Purge. As you can guess from the title the main twists is that people still keep killing after the Purge. Not a fan of the Purge movies but that sounds so dumb to me.Taking away the one main thing


Game seems kinda intresting just heard of it there. Mainly just curious if the focus on blinking to do everything in the game is gimmicky/annoying or actualy intresting.


Damn I'm like three quarters of the way through Astral Chain and only now realized you can hokd down fire to do a charged bow shot. Sure would have been handy to know/use that way earlier


Beat dark comedy/dark humour in a game for you? I always love it when a game does that humour shame it isn't done much.


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