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So is down. Either someone is pissed about the SNES selling out in minutes or too much traffic. Either one is possible IMO.


I love this community. I'm glad you guys helped get Dere his dream of a PS4.


I hope thelse plans happen. You guys are in for a treat if it works.


I think we should start up a PS4 fund for Dere so he can play with us.


Yogi Bear's thoughts on our community? "I'm smarter than the average Dere."


I'd like to report a murder. The victim: The 4th wall. The perpetrator: Sonic Boom.


Give this to the people of Charlottesville and everything will be fixed.


Ever wondered what it'd be like to learn to play Magic while on KYM?


Was never a big fan of Captain Planet but man is he killing it.


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