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There should be a Paper Mario porn parody called Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Whore


So Gamestop shipped my Chrom amiibo but not my Tiki amiibo. I've been charged for both. They better not cancel it.


Loving this song. Anyone want to recommend anything similar? Can be a different artist.


What's scarier to you? Being chased by a skeleton or the fact that you live in a world where this POS and a direct sequel exists? I'm picking the latter.


I told my dad(who gambles) about lootboxes. He responded with "That's gambling. No question".


I kind of feel better after coming out about that, but I was nervous as hell typing it.


So my dads computer can run Cuphead. Now I wish I could afford it.


Got to demo Mario Odyssey. OH GAWD I NEED IT NOW!!! Unrelated but I'm banned from Best Buy. Dunno why.


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