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Wow, Scott Kurtz is an asshole. Tweet in comments


Can we just burn all the Care Bears? Throw them in a wood chipper?


YEAH!!! FILMS WON!!! Visual storytelling FTW!


Really love this guy. Finally got a gaming related vid up.


Fox films being bought by Disney. This means that the Alien franchise is part of Disney. This means that since Xenomorphs are born from queens, all Xenomorphs are Disney Princesses.


What Tom and Jerry cartoon wouldn't be complete without some inflation?


So apparently Jacksepticeye boycotted the cringey Youtube Rewind due to Youtubes current state of treating nearly everyone like crap.


Me: I should finish Skyrim. Also me: Start a new character and do a pacifist run.


*reads comments in latest UK splatfest* You guys sicken me.


Here's a really bad Christmas special. It starred Walter Jones(OG Power Rangers), Jodi Benson(Ariel), Paige O'Hara(Belle), Nancy Cartwright(Bart Simpson) and Mark Hammil.


So I still got called in for work and am coming in tomorrow.


So I'm not working for the rest of the week. This is getting out of hand.


Always remember when you're down, at least your cat won't accidentally kill you because you taught them about gun safety.


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