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Continuing from my last post, an excerpt from that masterpiece: "Garfield! You did it. You made the Facebook!" Shouted Mark Zuckerberg in joy. "Of course. It was easy like lady in my hands." Garfield remarked with casualness.


I just read a story where Garfield invents Facebook for Mark Zuckerberg and Mark Zuckerberg steals Facebook and then Garfield has to fight Mark Zuckerberg who is in a Apache Attack Helicopter.


Saw Deadpool 2 on Sat. Loved it. Also loved the Trailer for The Happytime Murders. WARNING NSFW


I've been thinking of doing a show like this but focused on one show/game/movie at a time. What do you think?


This stress has been painful. I keep hoping it'll get better but the world decides to wring some suffering out of me.


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