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Even though we are all (obviously) super cool, tough and could (possibly) bite a jawbreaker in half and not even have our eyes water... What film made you cry the most?


Lamps, lamps are expensive man. Don't buy lamps from America. Massive thanks to Wes (please check your PayPal). They also sell a T-shirt they won't shop to the UK...


Say what you want about Pokemon Go, but after heaving a mattress around your flat meeting a couple of folk and doing a few 5 star raids with just 3 people, having a pint and doing some trades is pretty sweet.


Shit. It's weird, like "This is England '88" was good, but it never got me. But man, now, now it's far too relatable...


Damn, Tigrex packs a punch. Like, yeah, I killed it but after all these years of MH was expecting to slaughter it but 1v1, man, tough hunt.


Yeah, I couldn't say no to this...


Whoa, my blog is up. Thought I'd messed up and accidentally sent it to the void, but nope - it's there. It's long and probably uninteresting... enjoy!


I brought Okami for the Switch... Why must I keep buying Okami... (Also, damn that's some ass internal storage...)


Well, I officially get the keys for my own place on the 25th.It has been a long road with some of the lowest lows I have ever known in my life. This might get a wee dark, so rest in comments...


So Toki just went and stealth released on ye olde PSN. Good marketing there lads...


Finished Gato Roboto... that ending huh?


Really tempted to buy Okami on the Switch while it's on sale regardless of owning it on everything else already...


So, ThinkGeek is having 50% off sale. Kinda really want that Chain Chomp lamp but they won't ship to the UK... anyone fancy helping me out?


Tickets for Ninja Sex Party in the UK (London and Manchester) are now on sale.


So people are pretty mad about Sword n Shield not having the national 'Dex...


People arguing if FF8 is better than 7 or if VI is the best one all while the true winner goes unnamed.


Another day of catching up in E3. Panzer Dragoon, very nice. Banjo, very cool. But man I was literally saying 'please don't be Contra' during THAT... Lordy Lord...


Been busy E3-wise since Devolver, anything I need to watch (besides Doom?). Do we have a new Ubiart game?


UK folk, are there any Ninja Sex Party fans here?


UK folk, are there any Ninja Sex Party fans here?


For Sony to not be completely forgotten during E3 they really need to announce God of War: Ragnarok


Sega needs to hurry up and confirm Phantasy Star is coming to Europe pretty damn soon...


Just finished watching the Xbox conference (was at work when it was on). Holy bejebus. PSO2 and Battletoads (a word I have typed so many times it's the first recommended word on my phone as soon as I press B). Definitely need to get an Xbox now.


So Fallen Order looks like if you mixed Uncharted and Metal Gear Rising but forgot to make it fun...


About Goemarone of us since 12:05 AM on 06.27.2017

I started as a massive Nintendo fan. I had a SNES before, but it was really the N64 I got on my 10th birthday that really got me into gaming. I stuck with Nintendo pretty much exclusively until the DS rolled out and I played NSMB - man I hated that game. It looked awful, sounded awful and was so easy it was hardly worth paying attention to what you were doing.

The PSP and Monster Hunter stole away hundreds of hours of life and that's when I really started to look at Sony. I had missed great games like Okami, God of War (it was cool at the time), Gradius V and Metal Gear Solid

With the promise of Metal Gear Solid and Monster Hunter on the PS3 I snagged one as soon as I was able. In the long wait (and Monster Hunter jumping to Nintendo...) I picked up Uncharted. My god, what a game! And more followed - Uncharted 2 was excellent, Catherine, Rayman Origins, The Last of Us - man the PS3 was amazing. Yes I still played the 'essential' Nintendo titles (and spent hours on my 3DS when Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate landed - and 100s more on Generations) but the PlayStation had become my main shabang for modern gaming.

I'm also a huge retro fan. Having loved the games I played as a kid, and discovering the earlier titles in franchises I loved - but it was really when I got into sprite ripping and the world of emulation that I truly discovered all there was out there on offer.

Top 10 Games:

Metal Slug X
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Frogs and Flies
Doom (2016)
Valiant Hearts
Day of the Tentacle