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My favourite gaming snack at the moment. Currently have a drawer full of them. #snacktoid


When everyone's playing Monster Hunter World and then there's you...


Got Aloy on the second try! (Kind of annoying that they come in boxes so you can't feel which ones they are though.)


I can't wait for Yakuza 6, mostly because I'll be able to play Virtua Fighter 5 on PS4.


Disappointed I can't make it to the Dragon Ball FighterZ launch party next week :( Curse me living too far away from London.


After a bit of research I'll probably start off streaming from PS4 once I've done a few test runs as I don't think my PC or laptop will be able to handle it.


Trying to figure out how to stream games on Twitch and feeling a bit like an old lady trying to work the tv remote.


My work/editing pc has died and I've lost everything on it. Good news is Yakuza 0 just arrived. So I'll just cry while doing some karaoke.


Waiting for my copy of Yakuza 0 to arrive.


Got the HZD vinyl boxset last week from the PS Gear store. Really into VG vinyls and this is definitely one of the best. Not a bad price either considering there's 4 discs and it's a limited run.


Finally played Until Dawn and got one of my faves killed right at the end... oops.


EGX Birmingham tickets acquired. Looking forward to it.


I will never not be amazed by how beautiful FFXIV is.


#musictoid The Evil Within 2 reveal trailer has had me listening to Duran Duran for the last two weeks.


Bought the FFXV OST from EMP as a birthday treat for myself the other day.


The Apocalypsis Noctis track though, can't stop listening to it. Damn I love the XV OST.


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