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Destiny 2 Beta Does More Harm Than Good

As console players are wrapping up their time with the Destiny 2 Public Beta, the reception of developer Bungie’s appetizer has been… underwhelming. Returning players expected an atonement for the game’s past mistak...


The best part of Spider-Man Homecoming that nobody has been talking about is Aunt May's freak-out when Peter doesn't answer his phone. We know why she's a nervous wreck, even though they never once mention Ben or his parents.


Overwatch and the Metagame Dilemma

You don’t have to look very far to find somebody getting a little tired of the current metagame in Overwatch Season 5. The dive comp, as it’s called, has been dominating the top-tier of competitive play since the beginning...

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5 Great Discord Bots for Overwatch

Discord has quickly become the go-to text- and voice-chat application for gamers everywhere, and it’s the service’s excellent Bot integration that has made it so indispensable. Around the web, developers are creating excellent B...


What Destiny 2 Can Learn From Overwatch

Destiny 2 is just a few short months away, and it’s looking to deliver on the promises Bungie struggled to keep the first time around. While they’ve regained a lot of faith from its community through a series of strong exp...


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