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Burnout: A Flawed Paradise

Burnout Paradise is AWESOME. I can't stress that enough, but it has some glaring problems that (mostly) could have easily been avoided. * The lack of a Retry option hasn't been a problem yet except for one glaring area: Burning Routes. Bu...


I'm a Shark: The Music Video

After seeing one of Hamza's blog posts the other day, I thought to myself "I wonder if I could remix the Jaws theme into a dance song?" and "I'm a shark! Suck my dick! would actually make for a cool vocal part" thus, this project was born. ...


Influx of Xmas Xbox360's are Wrecking LIVE

So earlier today, BahamutZero, Bhive, and I were trying to start some online death simulation games with Call of Duty 4. After about 30-45 minutes we didn't get one game started. Errors out the ass and apparently by the end both Bhive an...


New PS3/X360 DBZ Fighting Game Trailer

This is the new DBZ fighter for the PS3 and Xbox 360 called DBZ: Burst Limit (name will probably change for US). I know, I know, "dragonBall Sux" "Guy powering up for 30 minutes!" "Blah blah" I don't give a fuck. I'm a DBZ fan from back be...


My Remixes: Listen To Them.

Hello Everybody! I haven't blogged in a while since I've been doing some remixes for a couple of contests and I figured "Hell. Why not blog about that." So if you're into electro (or dance music in general) they're both up on my Myspace rig...


TyrannoZaurus Shirt 4 Sale....Finally

So now that I've found this new website that lets me upload my art and have it digitally printed, I am finally able to put this damn shirt up for sale (in multiple colors no less!). Behold... The TyrranoZaurus You can get it right.......


The Worst Song in Rock Band...

...has GOT to be Green Grass & High Tides by the Outlaws. I've never even heard of this shitty band or song but holy fuck, what a shitty ass song. It's 10 motherfucking minutes of generic banality expressed in musical form . Not only that b...


Rejected Video Girl: Linka

One of the Video Girls I always originally planned to do was for Link. It was actually the second one I did right after the Super Maria Sisters, but it didn't turn out quite like I wanted it to so I shelved it. There's weird stuff going on ...


Early Mass Effect Impressions [Spoiler Free]

So despite people attempting to steal my identity, I got a copy of Mass Effect from PonyBones who (thanks to his early bird i-need-to-wake-up-around-7am-everyday schedule) managed to pick up 2 of 3 copies that our local K-Mart had put ou...


I Finally went through with it.

So I finally did it. After realizing how much money I was going to have to spend on games I need between now and the end of November ($400) and also realizing that my girfriend's birthday is in 2 weeks, I finally went through with it. I s...


TriceraTron Shirt news

Ok, it's actually been over there for a while but I don't want to spam the blogs with crap about this one shirt. On the other hand it's a bad-ass shirt in my opinion. So yeah, The Tricera-Tron shirt I've been trying to get made is up over a...


Video Girls Shirts

I just wanted to post about this again since I think it go a little buried in my last post. I'm selling new t-shirts online at Redbubble.com. There's already a bunch of shirts up now based on the Video Girls series as well as some other ...


Masterchief Sucks at Halo 2

This might be old but fuck it. This time Master Chief has to resort to playing Halo2 since the beta is over. It's not as funny as the first one but it's still good. Robot voices get me everytime. And here's the first one if you've never ...


I Need Your Opinion. Especially You Hamza.

Ok, time to get away from serious biznass and post something else. I'm working on my next Cyborg Dinosaur and I would like to hear your opinion on which color scheme would look better on a shirt. Let me know which one you like best or if yo...


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