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These 3 E3 Videos Convinced Me To Buy GH4...

.....But only because I want to make music with it. The music creation function in GH4 has intrigued me enough to go back on my vow to NEVER buy another Guitar Hero game (fuck you GH3) and after watching these videos of the mode in action, ...


Some Live I KILL PXLS Videos Including New Song

I had another show last Tuesday in Sarasota and after 3 shows I finally have some live videos up on da youtube. I decided to put up the two new songs that I haven't recorded yet first but I have video of pretty much the whole set. One of th...


Russian Mario Animation

I don't know if this is old or not, but I've never seen it so fuck you. It's not the greatest flash animated thing in the world but I found it pretty entertaining. THE PEOPLE'S MARIO Also, I should have some live I KILL PXLS videos up...


(Sort of NVGR) 2nd I KILL PXLS show tonight!

Tonight! I have a show in St Pete, FL at Cafe Bohemia. I'll be playing again with Joey Hopkins, and Skiffle, and This is an Adventure will be playing too. I think it will be a slightly shorter set than last time but I will be debuting my "S...


I KILL PXLS 1st Show Re-Cap!

So my 1st show was last night and it was awesome! I was a little crippled by nervousness so I wasn't nearly as animated as I wanted to be but people were actually dancing and seemed to be having a good time. People even started singing a...


1st I KILL PXLS Show Thursday!

That's right! My first I KILL PXLS show EVAH is Thursday if you're in the Sarasota area. I'll be playing with two other bands Joey Hopkins Midget Factory and Skiffle. There's no cover charge but it is 21+ since it's a bar. I'll be playi...


Ask a Half Black Dude: My take on all this

Ok. There's been a lot of talk today about racism in games and I feel like I need to comment on some of the insane-o reactions to these stories. I originally was going to write this blog about a story on Kotaku that quoted Morgan Gray (the ...


I KILL PXLS is on Audio Surf Radio

That's right. As of yesterday (Friday) I have 2 songs featured on Audio Surf Radio. The songs are �Unblockable� and �Game Over Man� both of which are from the EP Your Arcade is a Dance Floor. They should be up there until next Friday whe...

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I Bought My PS3 Back + Evil Unicorn Society

So I bought my original PS3 back from the friend I sold it to months ago. What made me take the plunge back into the black waters? Well a few things: 1] My friend was trying to sell it off quick. So quick that he was willing to sell it ...


Take a look at the Watchmen! (NVGR)

Kind of surprised no one's posted this yet (and if someone did, sorry), but the official site for the Watchmen movie has the first pics up of some of the characters in the movie. My reaction: Holy shit! They look awesome. Especially the Com...


New Vid of Indie 2.5D Platformer: Fez

Made by IGF finalists Kokoromi and coming out eventually on PC, Fez is sort of a 2D/3D platformer similar to Echochrome in mechanics but not in style. I'm totally loving the retro pixelated look with the Gameboy style music. It's almost r...


I Need Your Input About My Album + Free Music

OK. So I was talking to Kryptinite a little earlier about a little conundrum I have. My first I KILL PXLS album is basically done (has been for a while actually), but I need to choose between two options for releasing it. OPTION 1: Get it ...


HOLY SHIT!! Coolest new TV show EVER!! (NVGR)

I was browsing through i09.com and came across this! This show looks bat-shit crazy! It's based off an old comic by Jaime Hewlitt (Tank Girl, Gorillaz) and it's premiering Tuesday Feruary 12th on BBC3. So now I have to move to England......


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