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A new Switch you say? What would you want in it?

I just saw this over at NintendoLife and thought it was a great question to put out there. If a new Switch is incoming for 2019, what would you want in it? Over at Gizmodo there were statements made about how the Switch screen sucks. P...


Artists that are also gamers

 I just finished a creative retrospective for 2017 and it made me think about how much gaming can inspire creativity, which goes back to the debate of "games as art." Personally gaming and art go hand in hand considering what it ...


Old Games That Would Totally Rock on Switch

          After reading through comments about Dreamcast it got me thinking about which games I would play if Nintendo/3rd parties re-released them on Switch. Switch has become my favorite gaming device this ge...


I can admit it, I was wrong about the Switch

I got a chance to play the Switch at Best Buy months ago. Mario Kart 8 was running on it and after a couple of minutes I walked away unimpressed. One part of the problem is I already bought, played and completed Mario Kart 8 on WiiU. T...


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