NE: Ranked: Which of the 7 Super Mario games was most super?
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Sonic Force: Another Review

Sonic Forces his way into mediocrity again SPOILER WARNING Spoilers are throughout the entire review, read on with discretion Well here it is, the OTHER 25th anniversary celebration sonic game. And one that claims to be a return to the...


Sonic Mania: Review and Fandoms

Return to form? He was already in great shape   When it comes to sonic the hedgehog, we seem to think that his glory days are behind him and now all that is left are terrible games. So when a genuinely good sonic game comes aroun...


Marvel VS DC: who is Better right now?

It's a tale as old as Time.   Or as old as the fandoms want it to be the grand debate of weather Marvel or DC is superior is an interesting thought. But how do the companies stack against each other in today's world. Who is doing...


E3 2017 Thoughts and Opinions

it is that time of year again when the hype trains are arriving we all cashing in our tickets to climb aboard. Yes the Electronic Entertainment Expo has returned (or E3 to everyone else) so I want to send out what I thought of all the ...


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just another British person with a sarcastic sense of humour

gaming wise favourites are
Overwatch (level 115 and rising)
monster hunter (hunting giant monsters since 3 ultimate)
Mario & sonic (because I'm a normal person who likes both)
the Arkham series (fave Arkham knight)
final fantasy ( beaten XV and working on the rest)
pokemon (catching since Red)
& castlevania (beaten symphony of the night on luck mode)

other loves include Star Trek (I like it more than Star Wars)
marvel comics (and DC but marvel more)
Kaiju (because giant monsters)
heavy metal music (again because METAL)
and way to much to name

so fave fun