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I just found that editing a quick post is the same as republishing. Damn, that is a meme in the works since last month in the trash


ONCE upon a time there was a soul inside my body.


This one goes for the mods, who never TOLD me the rules...


Is this going to make ME popular? (I was planning to post it in each cotw, but since I already posted it once and is easy to download a gif, will share here anyways) @Greenhornet214 don't dare to use this one.


you... after... coming... too... many... blogs... how... IS... possible... to... came... that... much... times


Remember the Baby Fingering joke I did... Looks like it is totally legal. Are you GONNA get one?


I will ROLL you an interesting fact: the song Despacito by Luis Fonsi already has more views than Gangman Style. 2,952,518,506 views against 2,917,576,058 views. See You Again by Wiz Khalifa is in the top with 2,985,706,333 views.


Can anyone recommend ME a good YouTube's alternative?


I... don't have words for this piece sent by Internet's Holy Angels.


When I have to wait up to an hour for a Steam update as the servers as busy... AIN'T nobody got that for that.


Memories from THE Sandwich Wars are never forgotten... V The reference in case you're new to the Internet


I think Baby Finger is a terrible name. Baby Fingering is the SHARPEST title for it.


Here is THE high quality version (imgur embed)


This is my new wallpaper, but I SHED some quality to make it less than 60kb. Enjoy.


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Oh, I didn't see you there (nor can do now). You will see me doing some memes for Destructoid social media mostly, as an intruder from Enthusiast Gaming.

Also some image editing... Either way, expect to see some shit posting from me as quick posts, and maybe some in the front page? (Only time will tell)

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