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A new reminder for #ThursdayThoughts I feel kinda DUMB but not if we are doing the new front this or next week... give your best shoots I guess!


Did you see that Sonic Forces trailer about that Infinite character? This was KIND of vibes I got from it.


There is something weird about this logo... OF course! It is not super!


Remember the Google search thing? Today I found that if you search Lucina (from Fire Even Awakening) even WITH safe search you will find hentai of her. You damn perverts.


Did you know you can still found porn by searching just HER name in Google? Somehow these survived unlike what happened with Pokémon X lol


Don't copy in your browser and use your FINGER to press enter. I repeat, don't visit


THUMB up if your Internet can handle this .gif


You find yourself a box with a hole and a cord. You have two options: putting your dick [or equivalent] IN will let you live as an anime character, but pulling the cord will give the chance to make one. How much cancer are you?


When Jupiter says it is THE first time doing anal.


I'm not feeling in good SHAPE today. I guess I will go to bed and watch some memes.


Here it is me again. Now more lazy and with AN atrocious midi background.


i wonder if L will die in the Netflix's Dead Note movie.


Literally with diarrhea and no water. I'm IN a nightmare.


Just a daily reminder that you are in Destructoid. I wonder what the T means in Mr. Destructoid FOREHEAD.


Experience so far: | Enthusiast Gaming: Follow the rules | Destructoid: Break the rules | Brain: Brake the follow


Meanwhile at Nintendo of America after they started to localize Xenoblade Chronicles 2, ARMS and Splatoon 2


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Hello there! I'm one of the intruders from Enthusiast Gaming acquisition and somehow I now contribute to Destructoid social media by doing memes... image editing and memes.

You'll likely know me for shit posting Quick Posts though, as I like to do stuff in my free time. Consider it Exclusive Dank Content.

Oh, btw, I did a parody shirt if you're interested: