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Video editor: How did you get this power?


#SoYouThinkYouCanStream - Leaderboard

UPDATE: The poll to vote for the fan favorites is now live! https://eglive.typeform.com/to/A9oU3DeC  A while ago, Destructoid had announced a new streaming competition that is taking place on Destructoid’s Twitch channel. I...


What if once Jojo Part 8 ends, Hirohiko Araki decides to do a Microsoft and start doing Part 10 instead? (The spin-offs can be considered Part 8.1)


I just found out it's better to look for sales on the Switch's Nintendo eShop rather than the website. A lot of publishers do a "owning these games gives x discount on this this" I even found a 50 cent game that made a 5 dollar game free. Not bad.


I forgot to share this here when Harry Potter 7 launched


What do you feel about opening a video or stream, expecting it to be in English, just to find out it is in another language?


Fiverr is a company of culture it seems. This was on Facebook for some reason lol


Like hentai! Today's a new day! (if you are lazy, skip to second 13)


I wish I still had the original tweet when I shared this over a year ago.


I want a game with a fat dude with breasts that rivals anime girls jiggle physics. I would play it for an hour, then question my own sanity.


When you binge-watch Evangelion


So I heard there is a new anime called Murenase! Seton Gakuen...


Congratulations! You just found a wild (and happy) Papa Niero!


Actual screenshot of the cancelled Sonic Boom x Persona 5 collaboration before it was moved to Sonic Forces.


Fun fact: I would actually shave my eyebrows and hair it that would take me to EGLX this October lol


Never forget a glass bottle on the fridge.


When you gift your first sub on Twitch and the one getting is Streamlabs.


It is so hot today and my air conditioner is still broken. What a nightmare is to use the computer haha


I forgot I did this... Should I do a new and updated one?


So many World War 3 memes... Good thing Destructoid is Canadian now!


Random reminder Kitchen Nightmares had a producer called Kent Weed.


I'm currently thinking to make a couple of blogs again. No worries, no licking gaming fetishes this time (unless you want a part 2)


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