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Moving to Stardew Valley

It's not often that I get the chance to go into a game blind. With a daily routine of cycling through gaming news outlets and checking in on the latest trailers, I've somewhat forgotten the feeling of selecting a game from the store sh...


Drakengard 3 Review

Can’t keep up.   Release Date: 21/05/2014Platforms: PS3Version Reviewed: 1.04 Drakengard 3 bursts out of the gate running. With a bombastic score wailing in the background, you are treated to a slick CGI cutscene that sets t...


Final Fantasy XV Review

  Platforms: PS4 (Reviewed (standard)), Xbox One, PCRelease Date: 29/11/2016Version Reviewed: 1.08   There is a common misconception that artistic masterpieces are flawless works. Many works of art leave behind remnants of t...


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Started gaming on a Super Nintendo thinking it was superior to the N64, Playstation and Dreamcast because it had the word "Super" in it's name. Have never looked back since.

Lover of cows, bears and snails too. Those gentle little (and big) guys take life at their own pace.