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What's this? CotW will be up in two minutes you say? Well blow me (please do) down.


Latest entry of COTW should be up in a few minutes! Happy Valentines! Cheers! - Tree

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Comments of the Week 37: In a Row?

Hey there Sports Fans. It's a new Comments of the Week following a great Super Bowl Sunday. It was a close game but the Eagles actually beat the Patriots and thus a little bit of hope for humanity was restored. While we may all be divided o...

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Comments of the Week 36: Puppy Love

As everyone back in the quickposts may have noticed, my wife and I recently got a new puppy. New year, new me that likes dogs, and all that. Of course, that hasn't stopped me from wagging through all of your comments to pick out the most we...


Hey there everybody. Ooktar here letting you know the latest edition of Comments of the Week should be up soon. Game.... Blouses.


Time for a new Comments of the Week! (which Wes saved, by the way)


The CotW for last week is up in five minutes. You know ... Almost a week late. I'm normally more prolific so I am sorry to you all for letting you down deadline-wise.


O hai guys! COTY is up. We thought we'd do a sort of new year's special, and add some of our favorites from past entries into a big compilation, we naturally picked a few new ones too! Happy Belated 2018 - Tree


What's that? It's Christmas Eve... But it's Sunday! Which means yes, you do get Comments of the Week. What crazy dude offered to host today?


Technical difficulties on my end meant that COTW was late on Sunday. So, to make up for it being... Wow almost five days late, I've made this edition twice the length. It'll be up within the next hour or so. See ya soon!


Greetings fellow internet consumers! The highly anticipated COTW should be up shortly, if the servers allow it. Cheers! - Tree


Howdy folks. Comments of the Week is scheduled to go up pretty soon. Come on over and have a gander and gear up for the holidays.

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Comments of the Week 26: Stress Test

I don't have much to say this week. As we hurtle towards the end of the year and work, school, family, friends, life, and everything else all simultaneously become more hectic and overwhelming, please remember to play plenty of video games ...


Youtube comments are the worst, Destructoid comments are the best. COTW should be up shortly! - Tree


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