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Sorry for the delay (again). The latest Comments of the Week is now available!


My actual Comments of the Week edition is out in five minutes folks. Apologies again for the delay, but, you know, life happens.


You get two (yes TWO) Comments of the Week this week because things happened and the deadline for last week was not met. Hope you enjoy!


Hello Pumpkins!...... No that sounded a bit weird. Did you not make it on the last COTW? Well maybe you made it on our HALLOWEEEEEEN SPECIAL MUHAHAHAHAHA! We'd thought we do a little extra for holidays. It'll be up in 4 minutes. Go check it out! -Tree


Hey y'all. It's ooktar letting you know that Comments of the Week will be posted soon. So maybe you can put down Mario Odyssey for a bit to come check it out. I understand if you can't though. I'd have a hard time leaving Pauline also.


Hey y'all, Perro here letting you know that Comments of the Week is up and ready! Now get over There! Also, I was born on this day some years ago so today is evidently my birthday!


Comments of the Week 21: Drunken Robot

Hello again! It's time for your mandatory Comments of the Week session where everyone is required to spend time with me, Gmana. Yes, it's really me this time. I had to redo my office a little bit after someone trashed it and tarnished my na...


Enjoy a nice COTW during your lunch break.


It's almost time for a new Comments of the Week, it'll be up in about twenty minutes! Check it out. Or don't. (Please do).


Hiya peeps! So Comments of the Weeks is finally going up shortly! Apparently due to Mr Devore's usage of the word "casino" in an article title, I've been having trouble of getting it published. So you all know who to blame! (JK, love you Jordan). -Tree

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Comments of the Week 18: Barely Legal

Howdy folks. It's your resident Cave Dweller ooktar again for another Comments of the Week. I must've done something right since they are letting me do another one of these. It's the 18th edition which means we are finally able to show it a...


Hey Y'all. It's ooktar here announcing the latest Comments of the Week for you all. So put your Elves back on their Shelves and come gather 'round everyone.


Perro here, letting you all know that your country needs you... to read the latest edition of Comments of the Week! Let the love bloom on the battlefield!edit:don't mind me just being a bump whore


Hey guys, check out our new CotW! Not only do you get the excellent comments but it's hosted by your favourite Nintendo fanboy Gmana!


The time is nearly upon us for the 15th Edition of COTW. It's also a fairly long one, because you all seemed to be funnier this week. Keep an eye out.


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