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Hey all! Perro here! We know you all enjoyed the great EA presentation that occurred this afternoon, but what's better than reliving a great E3 livestream than to relive them through the reactions of the Dtoid community? Find out with an E3 special COTW!

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Comments of the Week 53: Agony

A truly torturous game Don't play Agony. Just don't do it.  It's a lurid, gory dumpster-fire of a game, where textures look reminiscent of the Playstation 2 and level design is as uninteresting as my sex life. It's...


What's that? Comments of the Week on a Sunday? Come take a look in 5 minutes!

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Hey gang! Comments of the Week for last week is finally going up! Cheers! -Tree

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Hey guys, Xeo here. My very first attempt at the CotW blog just went live! I hope you all enjoy it. Please excuse any mistakes, of which there are probably several.

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Comments of the Week 48: Mom of War

Well hello there! 'Tis I, Mom of War, also known as WILFoftheblues to my closest friends.  Here in the Midwest, Spring has sprung. The birds are chirping, the squirrels are looking for their nuts, and Mother Nature appears to have fina...


The newest Comments of the Week should be live in a bit. This week, your boy GoofierBrute has been put in charge, so let's see how well I do on my maiden voyage. Hopefully nothing burns down. Edit: It's alive!

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Ok friends, COTW will post in a few. Enjoy and go easy on me. I'm a Virgin blogger and COTW is my maiden voyage. Enjoy...WILFoftheblues


Ten minutes folks then the blog that was meant to be out last week will be available. I have to start cutting down on school/work more often. Maybe pull a few sick days.


Latest entry of COTW is coming up in a few moments, and contrary to this gif. It is time to sleep for me. -Tree

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Hey everyone, Perro here! Hope you all are having a great Wednesday, and to make it better I've got COTW for the week of April Fools going up for real this time!


Hey everybody. ooktar here letting you know a very merry Easter edition of COTW will be up soon. Happy Bunnies and Eggs Day everyone.


Hey there. It's springtime and I'm ooktar here telling you COTW should be up soon.


Comments of the Week 43: Warframing

Free to stay I've been playing Warframe a lot lately, in fact, when I'm not playing it, it's on my mind. It marries great gameplay, world building and the grind never feels overbearing. To say I'm hooked is an understatement. But...


And the next, super long edition of Comments of the Week is underway. Apologies for the lateness but you guys were funnier than normal last week.


I have it under good authority that Comments of the Week should be up in a few minutes. Cheers! - Tree


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