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Comments of the Week 65: The Pre Holiday Chills

Hey there folks. ooktar here again for another edition of Comments of the Week. I hope you Dtoiders have been staying warm cause it's been cold as fuck outside. Now though you have a reason to stay inside for a bit and read. So warm u...


Howdy Y'all. It's ooktar letting you know another edition of Comments of the Week will be up shortly.

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Hey, hey. Guess what?


Comments of the Week: 63.... I Think....

Well hey there folks. It's ooktar here to display a new round of Comments of the Week for y'all. I haven't been around here too much to interact with y'all but that doesn't mean I've forgotten you or moved on. I'm still here to judge ...


Well howdy folks. ooktar here letting you know a new edition of CotW should be up within the hour.


Hey Dtoid, it's your boy GoofierBrute. I'm working on the latest COTW, and it should be up either tonight at midnight Pacific Time or at the latest 7 AM Pacific Time. Update: I'm feeling in a pretty good move, so this COTW is now live. Enjoy!


Hey gang! PlasticTree here. The Comments of the Week entry prior the recent one has been delayed. You might have wondered why the latest one was titled "60". Well that's the reason, my internet hasn't worked in a week. Trying to get it up today. Cheers!


Howdy ho, kiddos. Xeo here. Just finished up the final touches on the latest CotW! Now complete with less NSFW header image even! I hope you all enjoy it, it was a kind of slow week. Still found some gems though!


Comments of the Week 60: Before the Bough Breaks

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another week of fun, perversion and general debauchery. Your ol' buddy Xeo is here to deliver unto you the goods. The cream of the crop. The best. I do it for you! It's been a bit of a slow week here. W...

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Hey Dtoid, its-a me, GoofierBrute! The newest installment of COTW will go live at 9 PM Pacific Time, so reserve your place in line and hope there are enough amiibo to go around! Just kidding! There are never enough amiibo. Edit: never mind, it's live!


Comments of the Week 56: Dance into the Fire

Howdy folks. It's ooktar again bringing you a scorching edition of Comments of the Week. The summer heat has been beating a lot of us down but I'm here to help you take your mind off the weather a bit with some contributions from you ...


Hey there folks. Ooktar here telling y'all to come and cool off a bit with Comments of the Week.


Hey you all! Xeo here, just posted up this week's Comments of the Week blog. It was a doozy being E3 week, hope you all enjoy it!


Comments of the Week 55: As My Wallet Gently Weeps

The Aftermath of the Storm Hello again Destructoid! Xeo here once again come at your eyeballs fresh off of E3. There's been a lot of ground to cover this week so I apologize if I missed one of your gems. The site was exploding with ac...


Surprise! A special E3 edition of COTW that focuses on Nintendo is going live in a few! Apologies for the lateness but it's here now! Get it while it's hot!-Goof


Comments of the E3 2018: Nintendo Presentation

Hey everybody! It's your boy GoofierBrute, here to tell you guys all about the crazy comments that you all made during the Super Smash Bros. Direct-I mean, Nintendo's E3 press conference. This was original going to go up a lot sooner ...

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Hey Gang! We've been delayed a bit with the E3-specials but the Sony edition should be up shortly. Cheers! -Tree

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Comments of the E3 2018: Devolver Digital Presentation

Nina Struthers please marry me. Okay folks, that's it, E3 is over. Well... okay not really, but it minus well be since like last year Devolver stole the show with their once again over the top presentation. Hosted by the incredible Ni...


Howdy folks. Ooktar here letting you know that Comments of E3 for the Devolver conference, aka the best conference, will be up shortly.


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