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ps1 classic list seems pretty good.. Battle Arena Toshinden, cool boarders, syphon filter, twisted metal, and metal gear solid stand out for me in the updated list items


Anyone's God of War Physical pre-order through amazon say shipped yet? With all the fuss and rumors, I am worried.


Kevin Smith tweeted he had a heart attack. Good to hear he is doing okay...


youtube demonetizing smallest channels. less than 1k subs and 4k hours viewd in last 40 months. Oh well, there goes my 35 cents a month.


Dragon Ball.. why you network not work? Much sadness


Playing that mobile lineage game. By playing I mean clicking accept quest then watching my guy run around and kill things for a bit, then clicking all the red dot icons, then clicking next quest and starting it all again. I think I am enjyoing it, maybe


I am worried these 7-11 eggrolls with make me fat(er) or give me (more) cancer, but I can not stop eating them. 5 today.. What kinds of food do you eat way to regularly but know you it is gonna end bad?


Weirdsday: Mister Mosquito(PS2)

    What I imagine happened somewhere in a game pitch room in the late 90's in Japan. Sometimes you just want to send the summer terrorizing a family an d drinking their blood. Now we could go the vampire route for the game,...


Arrgg. The strain of my commitemnt to blind raiding the Destiny 2 raid with my team when they will not be ready until the weekend. Must... avoid... gamestreams and chatter...


Weirdsday: Kabuki: Quantum Fighter (NES)

In the far future, a rogue computer program is threatening the world by infecting the defense computers. You are Colonel Scott O'Connor a 25(?!) year old who looks like Doogie Howser and has had his mind transferred into "raw binary c...


SNES Classic has a rewind option on the emulation? Did I see and not understand that correct? man i wants one more now


Pokemon sun and moon should give you something cool as mystery gift today because of eclipse.


Hearthstone hype! x-pack tommorow and dreadsteed nerf. I am happy with both.


Weirdsday: Decap Attack (Genesis)

When the demon Max D. Cap comes to threaten your skeleton shaped island, what are you to do? if you are Dr. Frank N. Stein and his assistant, Igor, you make a mummy with its face in its torso to fight the Demon, give it a skull t...


Friday Flashback: Shadow of the Ninja (NES)

  So my favorite ninja game on the NES is not the one that went on to have sequels and become a difficult action awesomeness. You know the one. No, no. MY favorite Ninja game shares a lot with that other one but has a flavor...


Weirdsday: Super 3D Noah's Ark (SNES)

In 1994, an unlicensed game from Wisdom Tree using the Wolfenstein 3d game engine. It had a slot in the top of the game cartridge that you had to put another, fully licensed game into in order to bypass the SNES pr...


Friday Flashback: The Punisher (1993 Arcade)

The '90s was truly one of the best times for arcades in the united states. Some of the greatest fighters came out at this time such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Killer Instinct, and X-men. At the same time, some incredibl...


Weirdsday: Zombie Nation (NES)

Released in 1991 for the NES, Zombie Nation sounds like an awesome zombie killing game, or maybe a strategy game where you control a nation of zombies. Nope. There are zombies involved, and it is a whole country, but that is wher...


Weirdsday: Taboo: The Sixth Sense (NES)

Is it a game? Is it a fortune teller? Is it worth trying? These questions are debatable, but one thing I know about it, it is called Taboo: The Sith Sense. This program( I can not really call it a game) was released in 1989 on the Nin...


Weirdsday: Tokyo Jungle (PS3)

In the not too distant future, mankind has vanished and their pets are left to fend for themselves in a city rapidly being reclaimed by nature. You as the brave house pet must find food, a place to sleep. and a mate to continue the fa...


Built the lootcrate box Destiny ghost.I was a bit sad about my effort until I did an image search for other people's try and felt better. (gravity in my office is strange, i know. all sideways and stuff)


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I am playing the first 10 or 15 minutes of pretty much every NES game released in the US on camera, do a live show now and then and write about dungeons and dragons when I get around to it. I also play and sometimes stream assorted other games from PC, PS4, Xbox One and maybe soon Switch

I also like/practice Tae Kwon Do, reading stuff, messing with a MUD I host, and dealing with my 2 kids.