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Pokemon sun and moon should give you something cool as mystery gift today because of eclipse.


Hearthstone hype! x-pack tommorow and dreadsteed nerf. I am happy with both.


Weirdsday: Decap Attack (Genesis)

When the demon Max D. Cap comes to threaten your skeleton shaped island, what are you to do? if you are Dr. Frank N. Stein and his assistant, Igor, you make a mummy with its face in its torso to fight the Demon, give it a skull t...


Friday Flashback: Shadow of the Ninja (NES)

  So my favorite ninja game on the NES is not the one that went on to have sequels and become a difficult action awesomeness. You know the one. No, no. MY favorite Ninja game shares a lot with that other one but has a flavor...


Weirdsday: Super 3D Noah's Ark (SNES)

In 1994, an unlicensed game from Wisdom Tree using the Wolfenstein 3d game engine. It had a slot in the top of the game cartridge that you had to put another, fully licensed game into in order to bypass the SNES pr...


Friday Flashback: The Punisher (1993 Arcade)

The '90s was truly one of the best times for arcades in the united states. Some of the greatest fighters came out at this time such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Killer Instinct, and X-men. At the same time, some incredibl...


Weirdsday: Zombie Nation (NES)

Released in 1991 for the NES, Zombie Nation sounds like an awesome zombie killing game, or maybe a strategy game where you control a nation of zombies. Nope. There are zombies involved, and it is a whole country, but that is wher...


Weirdsday: Taboo: The Sixth Sense (NES)

Is it a game? Is it a fortune teller? Is it worth trying? These questions are debatable, but one thing I know about it, it is called Taboo: The Sith Sense. This program( I can not really call it a game) was released in 1989 on the Nin...


Weirdsday: Tokyo Jungle (PS3)

In the not too distant future, mankind has vanished and their pets are left to fend for themselves in a city rapidly being reclaimed by nature. You as the brave house pet must find food, a place to sleep. and a mate to continue the fa...


Built the lootcrate box Destiny ghost.I was a bit sad about my effort until I did an image search for other people's try and felt better. (gravity in my office is strange, i know. all sideways and stuff)


Weirdsday : Beholder (PC)

In Beholder, you play Carl, a government-installed landlord in a totalitarian State in an Orwellian 1984 style society. Your job is to keep an eye on the people of your building to make sure they are following the laws of the State, a...


overheard... "Journalism Rule: If your article can be summarized as a “No” answer to the headline; don’t write it." I feel that the internet would collapse if this was followed.


Friday Flashback: Friday the 13th (NES)

So the new Friday the 13th game is out and I like it a lot. It pretty much has nothing in common with this game other that the theme and the fact that I like both games quite a bit, but the overall consensus from the world is these ga...


I hate when the spell checker corrects AXE to AX.


Weirdsday: It's Mr. Pants (GBA)

It's Mr. Pants is a puzzle game developed by Rare for the Gameboy Advance and released in 2005. The game basically involves forming squares out of the provided pieces. Not very complex in and of itself, but the game design, back story...


Wisdom I was recently given. "If you are gonna be a smart ass, make sure you are smart. Otherwise you are just an ass" hrmm I don't think I is smart enough to pull this off. Oh well.


Weirdsday - Kindergarten (PC)

   So there is a strange little game on steam early access called Kindergarten. It seems innocent enough, play through a day of a little boy in kindergarten. No big deal. But the school is strange, the people there are strang...


Mobile Monday - Bit Heroes (iOS)

Bit heroes is a dungeon crawler from Kongregate on mobile phones, adapted from a web based game of the same name as many Kongregate games are. In this game you are an explorer going through dungeons, getting loot and pets. There ...


A team is remaking an old mostly in europe computer that will run all it's old 8-bit software. Someone is kickstartering "ZX Spectrum Next" 11 hours to go, do I drop the money for that authentic and more accurate feel or just continue the emulation. hrmm


Friday Flashback: Kung-Fu Heroes (NES)

When I got my NES on Christmas 1987, my brothers and I also got a few games. The Mario/duck hunt pack in, Jaws, the Legend of Zelda, and Kung-Fu Heroes.  Of the group, only Kung-Fu heroes are 2 players at the same time(no duck hu...


Mobile Monday: Mega Man Zero (GBA)

I have recently been discovering and rediscovering some great Game Boy Advance games. This time I am looking at the first of a multi-game series on Gameboy Advanced that also was recently released as a pack on the Nintendo DS (origina...


Last day to pre-order The Surge(and get amazon's 20% off).... I like souls type games, and the let's plays from some people who got it early looks cool, but I am always suspicious of review embargos..


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