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Built the lootcrate box Destiny ghost.I was a bit sad about my effort until I did an image search for other people's try and felt better. (gravity in my office is strange, i know. all sideways and stuff)


Weirdsday : Beholder (PC)

In Beholder, you play Carl, a government-installed landlord in a totalitarian State in an Orwellian 1984 style society. Your job is to keep an eye on the people of your building to make sure they are following the laws of the State, a...


overheard... "Journalism Rule: If your article can be summarized as a “No” answer to the headline; don’t write it." I feel that the internet would collapse if this was followed.


Wisdom I was recently given. "If you are gonna be a smart ass, make sure you are smart. Otherwise you are just an ass" hrmm I don't think I is smart enough to pull this off. Oh well.


A team is remaking an old mostly in europe computer that will run all it's old 8-bit software. Someone is kickstartering "ZX Spectrum Next" 11 hours to go, do I drop the money for that authentic and more accurate feel or just continue the emulation. hrmm


Last day to pre-order The Surge(and get amazon's 20% off).... I like souls type games, and the let's plays from some people who got it early looks cool, but I am always suspicious of review embargos..


Playing some Metroid and it occurs to me this is the first game I can think of that I would really call having "biomes"


Wait.. aquaman's TRIdent is going to have FIVE points in the movie..... pentadent? Sounds like a toothpaste!


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Just a regular guy, talk about games, make videos, sing songs, and play Dungeons and Dragons sometimes, other times it is other tabletop games but I get questioning looks when I say Shadowrun, Champions or Legend of the 5 Rings.

I am playing the first 10 or 15 minutes of pretty much every NES game released in the US on camera, do a live show now and then and write about dungeons and dragons when I get around to it. I also play and sometimes stream assorted other games from PC, PS4, Xbox One and maybe soon Switch

I also like/practice Tae Kwon Do, reading stuff, messing with a MUD I host, and dealing with my 2 kids.