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I have discovered “Kingdom” on Netflix. This show is pretty stinkin good. The original audio with subtitles is the way to watch it.


There’s a villager in New Horizons who shares my IRL name. It’s like having a coworker who shares your name. I also used my real name to name my character. So there’s two of us and it’s getting really confusing.


Nothin like a new haircut to bring the gray out in your hair!


I loved the first game, enjoyed the portable one, but disliked the sequel. I have always loved the artwork though. The atmosphere is spot on. Not as good a book as The Art of Mana, though.


I’ve been looking at gaming stuff on eBay, recently. Specifically, Metroid stuff. I get an email from eBay asking me if I’d be interested in this, lol. I purchased 5....


I'm replaying Metroid: Other M and just got to the Ridley fight. I never had a problem with Other M, but I'm finding it hard to keep going back to play it. Guess that's a good indicator that it's just 'meh...' to me.


The same friends and family that dismiss Parks and Rec because it‘s “a rip off of The Office”, celebrating Galentine’s Day because it’s what everyone else is doing, and not even knowing where it comes from. Pure magic.


Setup the beginnings of my Metroid display this morning before work. Turned out decent enough. Got some other do-dads and trinkets to add later on.


Anyone use SimpliSafe or Google Nest Alarm for their home security needs? Do you like them?


Finally got to watch Picard, tonight, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I usually binge watch shows, so waiting a week between episodes is gonna be difficult.


I already bought the original Persona 5 collector's edition, so I didn't need to buy the Royal Edition version. But then I thought...


Disney+ has reacquainted me with Ducktales, Darkwing Duck, Gummibears, and the original Mickey Mouse cartoons. And also The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. One of my absolute favorites. It’s a magical experience to feel 10 yrs old again.


What's the story on Pokemon? I see a lot of posts about it maybe being bad or something? I don't keep up with Pokemon, but I was thinking about getting it to play with my nieces and nephews.


Does anyone else playing The Outer Worlds Windows 10, have problems with the keyboard becoming sluggish. The WASD keys always work, but the other keys 'E', 'J', 'M', etc.. stop responding and I have to restart the game. Happens randomly it seems.


I’m bored at work. Took a selfie, but I blinked so here’s a mouth selfie instead.


51 days till Christmas, everybody! The smell of Christmas cookies and cider mingled with that new electronics smell. Nothing like it.


I just don’t understand why no one wants to visit my desk today.


The reflections in Control are the most realistic I've ever seen in a PC game. That's a relative observation, of course. That whole ray tracing scheme seems to actually work. And it's impressive. First time I've gotten to really experience it.


If you don’t mind sarcasm and a dry sense of humor, hit me up on Final Fantasy 14. If sarcasm and dry humor aren’t your thing, hit me up anyway. We’ll kill some Moogles together. My info is in the comments.


Anyone play FF14 on the Ragnarok server? I’m thinking about resubbing. I’ve been on that server since before ARR. I think I can switch...not sure.


The woman who just sang Let it Go on SGDQ; I have to hand it to her. She’s got more of a spine than I do. She should be proud. Did a pretty decent job!


I just got catcalled walking down the sidewalk. Guess the new haircut is working for me. Go me!


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