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Going to visit my sister and her kids tomorrow. The presents I picked up for them came today. I still have to pick up BotW to go with the guide, and Minecraft. I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces!


Anyone here play Overwatch (PS4) still? I’d like to try something besides a random party for once. Or is Overwatch on the naughty list nowadays?


Picked up the Stone Mason edition of God of War for my best friend. He says he likes it so far. I’m not a God of War fan myself, but it’s cool seeing someone else having so much fun with it. And it was one epic unboxing event! Tons of stuff!


Sigh... The moment you realize your penis is still three sizes too small. The Miracle Grow I’ve been using does not work. The internet lied!


I just tried to microwave a chick-fil-a biscuit in the wrapper. After two seconds my coworker screams “OH LAWD, ITS ALUMINUM!” and the office screams collectively, as the bisquit bursts into blue flames and arcs sparks everywhere. I’ve ruined Friday


*whispers sweet-nothings in your ear as you scroll past*


Battle Chasers on Switch is 39.99....... Battle Chasers on PS4, with PS+ discount, is 14.99. I want it on the Switch, but I can’t justify not buying it on PS4 for a $25 discount.


I think I want to be a psychologist. I’ve always loved psychology, and I think I’m actually ready to act on it. I hate school, but I also want to make something of myself. And being a network admin ain’t cutting it. I’m doin it!


I know very few people care about this game, but they’ve announced an expansion for Star Trek Bridge Crew finally! TNG bridge, Borg, Romulan, endless mode, etc! Link in comments.


Just got back from burying my dog. Thanks to everyone who offered support in my original post. Today has been an emotionally draining day, and I don’t think I’ve got it in me to thank everyone individually. But know that it means a lot. Seriously.


Woke up to the fact that my German Shepherd died in her sleep, unexpectedly, during the night. Man, I’m gonna miss her. Cried like a baby all morning. I should probably man up. But she was one awesome companion.


So I’ve tried to follow around 10 people on here, and it gives me the message saying it succeeded, but they never show up. I’ve even tried manually typing in user names. Says it worked and to wait a while for it to show, but I’m still at zero people


I finally beat Ni No Kuni 2 last night. It was really good! So many tiny details made it a fantastic game. I hope more people get the chance to play it, because you can tell the devs really put their hearts into it. They did a great job!


Hope everyone has a good weekend! Here’s a lewd pic to get you in the mood to party. ...She’s always on her back for the camera. :/


So my coworkers threw me a surprise birthday party today, complete with presents, cards, and cake. Being massively introverted, I was not expecting that, but it made my day. Made me happy. And Nintendo of Japan gets me better than NIntendo of America:


Fun Fact: When systems limit your online ID to 10 characters or less, my username becomes FrskenKnyt. Which basically turns me into the Foreskin Knight. Yeah...


I'm trying to expand my PSN friend list. So I'm adding people I've met on Destructoid. So if you get an invite from ForsakenKnight, you'll know why. Most of you will just have this reaction though, and then delete the request:


Looking past the busted blood vessel, I can’t tell if I’m turning into a werewolf, or a vampire. My eyes are supposed to be dark brown. I took this picture to show my brother the busted vessel when I noticed my iris.


Happy Monday! Here's a cute puppy pic to make your morning go better! Who doesn't like adorable puppies? It also doubles as a metaphor for my life. The balls are my goals, and the puppy is me. :/ #puppytoid


I bought a smart bed. It reads my heart rate and breathing among other things. They’re gonna know every time I visit PornHub. Just like the Truman Show. I didn’t think about it before hand....... this just got awkward.


I was able to get three players going in Secret of Mana with two on the couch and one in another state via SharePlay. First time I’ve ever played the game with three people. Pretty fun! If anyone else wants to do co-op , hit me up!


I really like the selfies that people are putting up! I’m enjoying putting faces to the usernames. I say keep em coming!


Mana day is over and it's back to my old self, but I think I'll keep the avatar. I've always liked Popoi. And also, I have a spare code for the preorder suits for Secret of Mana if anyone would like it.


I don’t have a Disqus profile, I simply use the account I signed up with here at Destructoid to comment. Does that make me ineligible to win in these contests? Or is the email my Destructoid account has linked to Disqus?


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