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I’m that friend that people text, once all their other friends turn them down for lunch. How do I know? Because they’re comfortable actually telling me. And then I still go to lunch with them, repeatedly. I guess I need a better personality.


Why can't I find a Thrustmaster HOTAS in stock anywhere? The only ones I can find are marked up 200%. They stop making them or something?


I’ve always loved being the healer in games. the fact that SW: Squadron has a healer role makes my day. Took me forever to learn how to play it. But an award for 25k points of healing ain’t too shabby. But I got yelled at for not getting any kills...


Played Squadron with my brother for hours last night. We had a blast! If anyone else is looking to play, hit me up with an ingame EA friend request. Name is same as here.


Got a puppy. She’s a hoot! And I may or may not be spoiling her rotten....


Geez... any y’all want to drive to my house and give me a haircut? I’m tired of doing it myself. Couple of stipulations: You have to be willing to brave the south. I’m southern grown. And you have to accept sex for payment. I don’t carry cash.


Holy crap, ya'll, I got her!!! I GOT HER!! I just *sniff* want to take this time to thank the cloud save devs, *sniff* my dad, and let everyone know to follow your dreams and never give up. There's always a KOS-MOS waiting for you at the end.


I beat Xenoblade 1on the Switch, finally. I really liked the story. So question: is the story in Xenoblade 2 and Xenoblade X (Wii U) of the same caliber? I’m trying to figure out if I want to play them. And the story is my driving factor.


Total War: Warhammer 2. I start it in the morning, blink, and it’s 1 PM. The only other game that did that to me was Pikmin. I can’t help it, I start playing and it eats my brain. Slaughtering beast tribes is addicting.


Someone on here posted about Frosthaven, and I hate you. I ended up pledging. I don’t hate you, I love you. But that love has cost me dearly. Whoever it was, thanks for the heads up.


I bought FF7 Remake, P5 Royal, Trials of Mana, and Predator Hunting Grounds all in a week. And then today, my boss told me we were going back to work next week. I now have one week to finish them all.


Predator Hunting Grounds is pretty good fun. Don’t know how long it will last, but I’m enjoying it. If you get someone who actually knows how to play the Predator, it’s a blast.


I was playing FF7 Remake, thinking how incredibly awesome it’d be to get a Chrono Trigger remake, with the same scope. An hour later, I found a Chrono Trigger reference, and it made me grin, ear to ear. May not mean a thing, but it made my night.


I just finished Picard. Holy crap, y’all. That show is absolutely phenomenal. I really hope people give it a shot. My best friend hates Star Trek, but is hooked on Picard now. It’s legit.


I have discovered “Kingdom” on Netflix. This show is pretty stinkin good. The original audio with subtitles is the way to watch it.


There’s a villager in New Horizons who shares my IRL name. It’s like having a coworker who shares your name. I also used my real name to name my character. So there’s two of us and it’s getting really confusing.


Nothin like a new haircut to bring the gray out in your hair!


I loved the first game, enjoyed the portable one, but disliked the sequel. I have always loved the artwork though. The atmosphere is spot on. Not as good a book as The Art of Mana, though.


I’ve been looking at gaming stuff on eBay, recently. Specifically, Metroid stuff. I get an email from eBay asking me if I’d be interested in this, lol. I purchased 5....


I'm replaying Metroid: Other M and just got to the Ridley fight. I never had a problem with Other M, but I'm finding it hard to keep going back to play it. Guess that's a good indicator that it's just 'meh...' to me.


The same friends and family that dismiss Parks and Rec because it‘s “a rip off of The Office”, celebrating Galentine’s Day because it’s what everyone else is doing, and not even knowing where it comes from. Pure magic.


Setup the beginnings of my Metroid display this morning before work. Turned out decent enough. Got some other do-dads and trinkets to add later on.


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