DeS: Epic Games announces 2019 Fortnite World Cup
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I just can’t understand how people post screenshots of the Destructoid page and the background is white. Dark theme or you’re wrong. End of discussion.


The more games i play, the more I realize numerical review scores don’t work for me. What works for me are four options: “Pass” “Add to your backlog” “Add to your ‘up-next’” and “Play this game now”. All my games could be rated with


Happy 4th of July!!! “Officially” licensed by Nintendo! That’s what I’m talking about!


I caught the love bug! And her name is Hollow Knight. She is simply amazing. Not as wonderful as my first love, Samus, but amazing nonetheless.


I’ve decided to try out the iOS 12 public beta. I’m not intelligent.


My coworker is trying to give away kittens. I’m panicking cause I want one, kinda, but have never had a cat before. I wouldn’t know the first thing about raising it. I’m a dog person...but I kinda want a cat.


Mario Tennis question: Can one person play in Swing Mode while another person plays with a pro controller? Or does everyone have to play in swing mode or controller mode at the same time?


Sat from 3pm till 9pm yesterday getting Gloomhaven setup, pieces sorted, and rules learned. Never even got to play it, lol. A friend who came to play with me got hung up on what to name his character. Mine is Bertha Bushypuss the Spellweaver!


I ordered this board game called “Gloomhaven” that I’d never heard of before. It came in the mail yesterday. ....I have never been so intimidated by a board game in my life. Apparently it’s a one and done game? Comes with once-use stickers seems.


Thank you, Steam, for giving me solid proof that I’m an idiot with my money.


1) I think I’m addicted to Hollow Knight 2) I need a new castlevania game set in the dark ages 3) I want season two of Castlevania to come out


Has anyone confirmed if the Switch mobile app works with Fortnite? I know...the app sucks and you can chat with the console jack, but in my situation with my out of state family, the mobile app is a better option, if it works. Otherwise it’s FaceTime.


Went home and downloaded Hollow Knight and Fortnite on the Switch. Hope Fortnite is a game I can play with my nieces and nephews online with the Switch I bought them. My sister won’t let them play if it’s got too much blood or cussing in it.


No matter what, any time you decide to argue by making a fool of the other party, you look like a jerk. If you really believe you have the high ground, you don’t need low-ball antics. Shaming people into silence is a foul tactic.


Great... now I’m horny and I still have six hours of work left. Thanks, Wes.... Geez


I finally created an Overwatch PSN community for anyone who wants to join. Inspired by Wes, the community is called “Ragtag Overwatch Crew”. Should allow us to work out a time for anyone who wants to to play. Bump for the afternoon crowd.


Going to visit my sister and her kids tomorrow. The presents I picked up for them came today. I still have to pick up BotW to go with the guide, and Minecraft. I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces!


Anyone here play Overwatch (PS4) still? I’d like to try something besides a random party for once. Or is Overwatch on the naughty list nowadays?


Picked up the Stone Mason edition of God of War for my best friend. He says he likes it so far. I’m not a God of War fan myself, but it’s cool seeing someone else having so much fun with it. And it was one epic unboxing event! Tons of stuff!


Sigh... The moment you realize your penis is still three sizes too small. The Miracle Grow I’ve been using does not work. The internet lied!


I just tried to microwave a chick-fil-a biscuit in the wrapper. After two seconds my coworker screams “OH LAWD, ITS ALUMINUM!” and the office screams collectively, as the bisquit bursts into blue flames and arcs sparks everywhere. I’ve ruined Friday


*whispers sweet-nothings in your ear as you scroll past*


Battle Chasers on Switch is 39.99....... Battle Chasers on PS4, with PS+ discount, is 14.99. I want it on the Switch, but I can’t justify not buying it on PS4 for a $25 discount.


I think I want to be a psychologist. I’ve always loved psychology, and I think I’m actually ready to act on it. I hate school, but I also want to make something of myself. And being a network admin ain’t cutting it. I’m doin it!


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