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Finally got to watch Picard, tonight, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I usually binge watch shows, so waiting a week between episodes is gonna be difficult.


I already bought the original Persona 5 collector's edition, so I didn't need to buy the Royal Edition version. But then I thought...


Disney+ has reacquainted me with Ducktales, Darkwing Duck, Gummibears, and the original Mickey Mouse cartoons. And also The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. One of my absolute favorites. It’s a magical experience to feel 10 yrs old again.


What's the story on Pokemon? I see a lot of posts about it maybe being bad or something? I don't keep up with Pokemon, but I was thinking about getting it to play with my nieces and nephews.


Does anyone else playing The Outer Worlds Windows 10, have problems with the keyboard becoming sluggish. The WASD keys always work, but the other keys 'E', 'J', 'M', etc.. stop responding and I have to restart the game. Happens randomly it seems.


I’m bored at work. Took a selfie, but I blinked so here’s a mouth selfie instead.


51 days till Christmas, everybody! The smell of Christmas cookies and cider mingled with that new electronics smell. Nothing like it.


I just don’t understand why no one wants to visit my desk today.


The reflections in Control are the most realistic I've ever seen in a PC game. That's a relative observation, of course. That whole ray tracing scheme seems to actually work. And it's impressive. First time I've gotten to really experience it.


If you don’t mind sarcasm and a dry sense of humor, hit me up on Final Fantasy 14. If sarcasm and dry humor aren’t your thing, hit me up anyway. We’ll kill some Moogles together. My info is in the comments.


Anyone play FF14 on the Ragnarok server? I’m thinking about resubbing. I’ve been on that server since before ARR. I think I can switch...not sure.


The woman who just sang Let it Go on SGDQ; I have to hand it to her. She’s got more of a spine than I do. She should be proud. Did a pretty decent job!


I just got catcalled walking down the sidewalk. Guess the new haircut is working for me. Go me!


FYI on the 1.02 patch for Bloodstained. It opened a bunch of unopened chests around the castle, including one that had an item needed to progress the game. So I’m soft locked and can’t progress.


The piano song Miriam plays makes me want to buy the Bloodstained soundtrack. Do yourself a favor and have a seat. You won’t regret it.


Bloodstained is freaking fun. There. I said it. I mean, I’m enjoying this game way more than I thought I would. I’m gonna need them to start working on the sequel.


Played Bloodstained for about an hour, and it seems improved over the demo I played last year. It downloaded a patch, but I don’t know if it’s the “day one” patch every one is talking about. I had fun though. Don’t like the sound design so far.


After all these years, my copy of Bloodstained is "out for delivery"! Here's hoping it's good.


I'm like a kid in a candy store, playing this whole Trials of Mana nonsense. I've waited 20 years and some change for this.


After a year and a half, it finally came. I also ordered the exclusive version of this one and the Ridley one. This thing is huge! I love being a nerd.


Every time I get killed in Overwatch, and the person proceeds to hump my dead carcass, it makes me hope, in the dark recesses of my mind, their balls never drop. There, I said it.


Few months back I hooked up my sister’s kids with a Switch and games. Now it’s my brother’s kids’ turn. I made sure all 11 of the squirts could play Mario Kart and Smash Bros together this Christmas. And get stomped by me in Smash...


Evidently, there's a couple of very salty people out there that do not like the idea that I've actually enjoyed playing Fallout 76. Ouch...


Fallout 76 is the first game I've bought on a whim, completely blind, and enjoyed so much. My best friend and I have played all weekend, non-stop. I do wish it had NPCs though. And more of the houses should be explorable. It's cool.


I really enjoyed watching this group perform this year. Take a minute and watch them if you can, with some headphones. Makes me smile, which is a nice change.


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If Patapon 2 can come out somewhere at Sony is a lone PS4 with a digital copy of Ape Escape 3 PS2 I really want that to be Please? Or remaster Legend of Dragoon?

Voltaic Owl



Just beat Jedi Fallen Order! Ive posted a video where I finally understood the lightsaber combat and felt like a bad Thoughts and spoilers in the


Completely forgot I ordered A nice little surprise


Edelgard in Smash is fun to play so far, but shes


This weeks Doctor Who review is up over at Check it out if you watch the show




Hope you all are having a great day!!!

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

I played the Monster Hunter collab in Dragalia Lost last night, and its great! I already have the best new unit, Kirin Armor RULES!!

Wes Tacos

Going to start randomly dumping some spare game keys to clear out my Ill start in the comments of this thread!



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