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So my coworkers threw me a surprise birthday party today, complete with presents, cards, and cake. Being massively introverted, I was not expecting that, but it made my day. Made me happy. And Nintendo of Japan gets me better than NIntendo of America:


Fun Fact: When systems limit your online ID to 10 characters or less, my username becomes FrskenKnyt. Which basically turns me into the Foreskin Knight. Yeah...


I'm trying to expand my PSN friend list. So I'm adding people I've met on Destructoid. So if you get an invite from ForsakenKnight, you'll know why. Most of you will just have this reaction though, and then delete the request:


Looking past the busted blood vessel, I can’t tell if I’m turning into a werewolf, or a vampire. My eyes are supposed to be dark brown. I took this picture to show my brother the busted vessel when I noticed my iris.


Happy Monday! Here's a cute puppy pic to make your morning go better! Who doesn't like adorable puppies? It also doubles as a metaphor for my life. The balls are my goals, and the puppy is me. :/ #puppytoid


I bought a smart bed. It reads my heart rate and breathing among other things. They’re gonna know every time I visit PornHub. Just like the Truman Show. I didn’t think about it before hand....... this just got awkward.


I was able to get three players going in Secret of Mana with two on the couch and one in another state via SharePlay. First time I’ve ever played the game with three people. Pretty fun! If anyone else wants to do co-op , hit me up!


I really like the selfies that people are putting up! I’m enjoying putting faces to the usernames. I say keep em coming!


Mana day is over and it's back to my old self, but I think I'll keep the avatar. I've always liked Popoi. And also, I have a spare code for the preorder suits for Secret of Mana if anyone would like it.


Holding the game that singlehandedly made me a gamer 25 years ago, alongside the game that makes me feel like I’m nine all over again!!!


I don’t have a Disqus profile, I simply use the account I signed up with here at Destructoid to comment. Does that make me ineligible to win in these contests? Or is the email my Destructoid account has linked to Disqus?


I have to say, I'm kinda excited about Secret of Mana coming out in 4 hours. I even nerded out and changed my name and avatar to celebrate...


My copy of Radiant Historia got delayed in the mail, and GameStop has shown no inclination of shipping my copy of Secret of Mana so that it gets here on release day...:/


I’m really enjoying Lost Sphere! Way more than I thought I would. With a massive back log, it’s kept me coming back over and over. It’s not perfect, but it’s doing it’s job as a video game, I’d say.


So Final Fantasy 15: PE isn’t quite what I thought it’d be. Been playing for about an hour. Not quite the freedom I thought they’d give the player, not yet at least. Not the wide open map I remember.


Is drawing a talent you can learn, or something you’re born with? I’ve always wanted to draw, there are so many things in my imagination, but when I try they just come out as stick figures.


Man, I just found out that Secret of Mana (2018) won’t have online co-op. That’s really disappointing. I was looking forward to playing with my family in GA. Such wasted potential. Maybe the pc version will get modded.


Congratulations Destructoid! IGN just basically ripped your site design for their main page. It’s not a carbon copy, but it’s close enough to make me uncomfortable. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery they say....


Any one enjoying Star Trek Brodge Crew and want to get up a Destructoid crew? I'm having a blast with it.


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