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WQT (I'm living on the edge: 20 min until Thursday where I live)! Is there a game that you cherished as a kid but you find bad now that you're grown-up?


WQT! What franchise that has changed for the better or worse do you feel the most sad about?


WQT! Which defunct game company do you miss the most?


WQT! What's that game that's been sitting in your backlog for ages and that you really want to play but you just never got around to actually playing it?


WQT! How do you manage to go through your backlog with only 24 hours a day?


WQT! What do you expect from tomorrow's Nintendo Direct & what do you want?


It's already WQT! If you had to tell one thing about gaming to your younger self, what would it be?


WQT (hopefully, it's still Wednesday where you live...)! Since what year did you start frequenting Dtoid/who's Dtoid's grandpa?


Hey! It's WQT (because acronyms make me look cool) (this one means Wednesday Question Time btw)! This week : what's your favorite game to play with your loved one? Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


I just realised all my Quick posts are questions... Does that mean I have a great sense of curiosity, that I am utterly boring or both? Even this one is a question! I'll try to make a statement then : I am utterly boring.


It's objectively the best time of the week 'cause it's Question Wednesday time! How would you complete the sentence? Destructoid is a site for %20.


Question Wednesday's right back at you (yup it's a thing now (unless I get a public backlash (please no)))! What's that one video game moment that you will always remember for whatever reason?


It's Question Wednesday time! If you had one game to recommend to someone, what would it be?


Hello fellow people! Does Destructoid happen to have a Discord channel?


Will video games always be considered childish or will one day being a game critic be considered as high as being a movie critic?


Is Super Bomberman R for the Switch worth it now with all the updates and for 30$?


We need to talk about the Switch tax. Do you think it's here to stay? Do you go digital when a game has the tax?


I am an ignorant fool. What's Darksiders 3 about?


I'm looking for a multiplayer game for the Switch. Puyo Puyo Tetris? Super Bomberman R (although unlikely with that price and amount of content)? Any idea, guys?


Is there a way to log in on the Disqus website with your Dtoid Disqus account?


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