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I started thinking about my Top 10 of 2018. Since I only have a Xbox One and 3DS, I have only played seven games released this year. Should I use my Game Pass trial to add another six new releases to be considered for my Top 10?


I have about 3/4 of my Xmas shopping done. I only have two days off between now and Xmas. I plan to get the rest done after I see Once Upon A Deadpool on Saturday morning. Being employed I'm actually looking forward to Xmas this year.


I had a good night put drinking with my mates. Here's a pic of me and my friend dressed as Tommy Wiseau.


"Si vis pacem, para bellum - If you want peace, prepare for war." More pics in comments.


The vest is done. It looks a bit rough but that's how Frank Castle would have done it. A three hour shift then I'm out drinking with Tommy Wiseau.


Was originally going to wear my Punisher t-shirt with black pants and boots. Found my dad's old tactical vests, just have to spray the skull on it. My Halloween costume is coming together.


My Halloween costume this year is The Punisher. I was walking to the bus stop thinking about my costume and the quote from the 80s Punisher movie. I changed the radio station in my app and the song that came in was Punishment by Biohazard.WTF?


I started watching Deadwood again. I will most likely get RDR2 sooner than I wanted to.


I managed to walk out of work without buying Black Ops 4. I was considering getting it then I realized I have shit internet. I think my backlog would have slapped me if I bought it.


My work has so many Halloween decorations on display and this is Australia where not many people celebrate it. It took me about 10-15 to tidy the displays up.


Almost home. Gonna do my laundry, get high, play Hollow Knight or Skyrim and watch Red Vs Blue.


Decided to check the Xbox Store, although I don't need to buy anymore games. Saw Hollow Knight and it is installing now.


I preordered the PlayStation Classic the other day. So what 5 Games (Non-SquareSoft) would you like to see on it? Mine: Die Hard Trilogy, Future Cop LAPD, Alundra, Loaded and Oddworld: Abe's Oddysey.


#Uematsutoid I loved The Black Mages albums. I need to buy them again as I let an old friend borrow the first two and the Advent Children OST and have not seen him in over 10 years.


Picked these up while I was out today. I'm 80% sure I won't buy Skyrim again.


So with the old Final Fantasy games coming to Switch, can we get more FF Amiibo?


Played my first session of DnD last night. It was really fun and fucked up.


What games were you late to the party for? Mine would be Castlevania: SOTN and Monster Hunter.


Happy belated Birthday to Dere. Sorry I'm late, it's kinda my thing.


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