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I told myself only Switch games this month....Damn It:


In this week's episode of "Did You Even Watch It" we discuss the 2006 film "The Guardian". Probably the most serious movie we have done yet. Check it out here: http://dyewi.buzzsprout.com/


I finished Workaholics the other day. Such an amazing show, can't believe I slept on it for so long. I didn't want it to end. I might start it again and have on in the background whole I play FE: Awakening.


The brother I live with joined the current generation by buying a friend's PS4. So being a good older brother I bought him these:


Got my box of trade paperbacks and comics yesterday. I have not seen these in a while:


Except for a 4 hour shift Sunday arvo, this is my weekend:


This week on Did You Even Watch It we discuss the Punisher movie from 2004. Check it out at: http://dyewi.buzzsprout.com/ (Also on Spotify).


Hey what's up Destructoid? Want to listen to xSplicedx, our brother, our mate and I talk shit about movies? Check out our podcast: Did You Even Watch It. http://dyewi.buzzsprout.com/


#Musictoid I've been listening to the new Whitechapel album and I'm really enjoying it. Definitely one of my favourite releases of the year.


Loving For the King. Especially with the online co-op, although it's weird playing a turn based RPG with other people. I am so gettI g this again when I eventually get a Switch.


Had my best run in Enter Gungeon the other night. I was getting 5 Keys and 240 Shells for the 4th shortcut (Got the 4 Junk on the previous run). I maxed out Sir Junkan, got to the Abbey of the True Gun For the first Time and then died in the 5th Chamber.


I'm really enjoying Andromeda so far. I've only have played the first Mass Effect prior to this.


Nothing to do? Come watch me suck at Apex Legends and Spliced get all the kills. https://mixer.com/DallasCFH


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