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Wonder how this game got past me, Morphite. Has sort of a metroid, no man's sky vibe. Launches on all the platforms this month, hope it's as good as it looks.


A 45 min Nintendo Direct at midnight on Wednesday? Interesting...


I'm looking forward to fall tv (stranger things, outlander), the new blade runner, star wars, mario game... and not much else.


I think a Switch with a built-in projector would either be the best idea, or the worst idea. (photo is a yoga tab 3 pro)


I feel like the 'insert' key only exists for people to accidentally hit it while typing, start overwriting their own text, then say "what the fuck did I just do?"


I remember all the crazy shit people did with movement in mario 64, looks like odyssey will follow


Those on the fence with ARMS looks like there's another global testpunch this weekend


With SEGA seeing dollar signs I hope they have the good sense to greenlight or hire the Sonic Utopia guy


not even a sonic fan but the level design in Sonic Mania is pretty brilliant. This game really shows what an asset it can be to involve fans when reviving old IPs.


Do all versions of sonic mania have the input lag on the blue orb running parts? I strike out immediately on those. Not sure if it's intended or what.


So No Man's Sky is on sale for 22. Was always interested in this game cause I dig the art style and random generation elements, worth it?


You guys ever watch that show growing up.... Candle Cove?


unpopular opinion: I loathe the art style of games like hollow knight and binding of isaac. It's like you're playing as funko pop toys


Are there any good Roku apps besides the obvious ones? There's like 10,000 and I use maybe 5. Feels like i'm missing something...


Man, playing analog games like Dark Souls after spending days with Splatoon feels weird.


The Long Dark story mode launched? Never thought I'd see the day.


I could listen to this on loop, cool video too #Musictoid|Mark Pritchard, Thom Yorke - Beautiful People.


Most anti-war songs are crappy and obnoxious, but damn if I don't love this one by Tom Waits (Keith Richards on guitar). NSFW #musicvideotoid


New blade runner 2 trailer. Be forewarned it shows quite a bit


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