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Most anti-war songs are crappy and obnoxious, but damn if I don't love this one by Tom Waits (Keith Richards on guitar). NSFW #musicvideotoid


New blade runner 2 trailer. Be forewarned it shows quite a bit


the more I play ARMS the more I sort of loathe MK8, which has about the same skill ceiling as Bingo or Go Fish. I'm glad Splatoon is around the corner.


i'm being drawn into the weird charm of splatoon from that demo, and these strangely competitive splatfests. Still on the fence but we'll see how the 15th goes.


I'm pumped for Castlevania, will probably binge that over the weekend. Premieres tonight at 12 Pacific.


Anyone know how to get disqus comments to show up in Edge? I have adblock plus installed and it blocks it, tried ublock origin and does the same.


I forgot all about Norm Macdonald, guy's funnier than hell.


I don't think there's a franchise more deserving of a revival than Gargoyles. It could make for a hell of a live-action trilogy, if treated with respect and not watered down like the kiddo Marvel movies.


Loaded up some Mega Man 8 this morning... funny I don't remember this game being hard as balls.


HORI making a keyboard for the switch. Are there any games that even use one? Maybe they know something.


The absence of FromSoftware or anything new/surprising from Capcom is kind of a bummer. Decent E3 otherwise.


How warped is my sense of humor that I find this funny af?


Well that was depressing, I feel for street fighter players. I've been noticing this trend for awhile now with competitive games.


Nintendo's E3 is only 30 minutes in length, is that enough to make top rank? I'm holding my expectations in check, just in case they get wrekt.


Who's your main in ARMS? Been doing well with Master Mummy. I think his mobility kind of sucks tho. Either that or motion controls are letting me down.


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