On NE: Rapper wants to give away his money and work at GameStop
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Seeing the guy from Silicon Valley peddle Verizon and the new Google Pixel is jarring somehow. He's even playing the same slapstick anxious character.


I'm the kind of guy who pays a premium just to have an ethernet adapter hidden inside the Switch's dock. It's expensive being that guy


hot take: dark themes should be the standard everywhere on everything, when you go from a dark site to a white site it's like an oncoming car with their high beams on. I blame companies like Apple with their designer chic Mr. Clean aesthetic


Hardly remember anything about this game, but this is one of those overworld themes that never leaves my head.


There must be some unwritten rule that anything motion sensored in a public restroom doesn't work.


Mr. Robot is back tonight... Season 2 did nothing for me but i’ll give it another shot.


for what it's worth, leaked EDGE magazine gave Mario a 10. It begins...


I have to wonder why this asshole still gets his own day.


I think you could argue the greatest years in gaming always end in 7... 1987, 1997, 2007, 2017.


When it comes to game animation, nothing is more neglected than hands... especially in cut-scenes. Characters still them wave around like oven mits. Hands are pure intention, they have a lot of personality.


there's no better chrome extension than Clipboard History 2 (besides ad blockers), this shit should be built into every browser


If you get Syfy I recommend checking out Channel Zero, it’s pretty dope. New season just started.


The Cowboy Bebop director, Shinichirô Watanabe, did a short for the new Blade Runner movie. Link in comments


Blade Runner is next friday already, early reviews are super positive. I haven't been to the theater since...


DOOM is 720p 30p both docked and undocked. No motion controls. Would have been cool if it had a higher rez docked, but honestly wasn't expecting 1:1 in portable mode.


Wonder how this game got past me, Morphite. Has sort of a metroid, no man's sky vibe. Launches on all the platforms this month, hope it's as good as it looks.


A 45 min Nintendo Direct at midnight on Wednesday? Interesting...


I'm looking forward to fall tv (stranger things, outlander), the new blade runner, star wars, mario game... and not much else.


I think a Switch with a built-in projector would either be the best idea, or the worst idea. (photo is a yoga tab 3 pro)


I feel like the 'insert' key only exists for people to accidentally hit it while typing, start overwriting their own text, then say "what the fuck did I just do?"


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