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#TimeToFeelOldTuesday "Rubik The Amazing Cube" What a crappy cartoon this was. Rubik also looks like the thing from nightmares. I will give them props, however, for using a Hispanic family. The theme song was even sung by Menudo (the NKOTB of the 80's).


Rummaging through the collection. This was one hell of a fun game. Lots of good memories here. Not sure if I completed it, however. Anyone else play it?


"DEATH'S GAMBIT" Howdy D-Toid community! Just curious to see if anyone played this game and your opinion of it. I believe it came out around the time Dead Cells did and seems overlooked. Reviews are mixed. Patches have addressed some issues. Worth a shot?


*CTR Nitro Fueled* Now that it's been out for a while what is your general opinion of the game. Is it just me or did they really up the difficulty? Note I'm playing through Adventure mode on Medium. Been stuck on Hot Air Skyway forever! What's your take?


*Odin Sphere Leifthrasir* I was going through my PS2 collection and came across this game which I had totally forgotten about. I recall the original being super sluggish then realized it was remastered for PS4. Is it worth replacing with the new version?


#watchtoid My current wrist jewelry. Moved up years ago from your standard Timex piece. These are nice and thin (I hate bulky watches), plus a nice mesh bend. Have a back-up Skagen just in case. And, yes, I know that the date is incorrect:o)


Greetings D-Toid community. On the road this weekend. Currently traveling through the southern states. Can you tell? Everyone be well!


MATTERFALL. So I just started playing Matterfall yesterday and, although it is kind of seen as the black sheep of the Housemarque brand, I am really enjoying it. Quick frenetic gameplay, vibrant colors, and just plain fun. Would recommend giving it a try.


FURI. Just started playing this after completing the first Bioshock (truly amazing game, btw). So far, so good. Love the graphic style. Gameplay is frenetic and fun. I feel like playing Bloodborne first prepared me for the "tells". Anyone else dig it?


I was driving to work this morning and there was this peculiar truck in front of me. I think I spotted Agent 47's side business when he is not busy putting out hits.


Finally an item tailor made for the cunning linguist!


**BLOODBORNE COMPLETED** I finally completed my first run of Bloodborne yesterday. What an experience! Thank you again to the homie Sharukurusu. I would never have tried it if it wasn't for his kindness. Up next? Bioshock Trilogy. First time playing them.


"Bloodborne: Day 1-3" So I finally took the plunge and started BB. Day 1 I was hopeless. Day 2 got much better. Ran into Cleric Beast and got my arse handed to me. Day 3 got aggressive and beat his ass (literally). Day 4 - damn you Father Gascoigne!!


**Other games similar to YS VIII?** So I finally finished the game over the weekend clocking in nearly 70 hours. Completed most of the missions and enjoyed every second of it. I was sad when the game ended. Are there other action RPG's like this on PS4?


**Can you identify all the horror movie characters/icons?** Howdy D-Toid community! Saw this poster online and am trying to identify all of the pictured characters. Can you fill in the blanks? List is in the comments. Corrections are appreciated.


*PS3 Slim cannot obtain IP address** Howdy D-Toid community. I ran into a little problem with my PS3 Slim this weekend when relocating my old console. I am hoping someone can possibly offer a solution. Details in comments!


I'm gonna get some condoms and play with a hooker named Sekiro after work, thnx


D-Toid Shout Out! Just wanted to publicly thank fellow Destructoid member Sharukurusu for his generosity in the game giveaway. I may do something similar down the line as this is a nice way to clear the backlog and share in the fun. Props, kind sir!


*The Messenger PSA* For all the physical collectors out there it seems like Special Reserve Games and Limited Run Games are stepping up to release a physical copy of the game for both PS4 and Switch. Pre-orders start on March 19th. *BUMP 4 DA LATE CROWD*


RETRO GAME STUFF. You youngsters are spoiled. You can quickly Google video game tips and get results in seconds. Back in my day we had to go buy crap like Conquer The Video Craze LP (1982) and listen to a boring narrator drone on and on. LINK IN COMMENTS!


Beyond The Black Rainbow. Has anyone here seen it? I finally checked it out last night. Not typically a fan of "artsy" movies, but enjoyed this one enough to see it through to the end. I much preferred Panos Cosmatos "Mandy", but it's still worth a watch.


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