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Happy Mother's Day to all D-Toiders mom's and moms to be.


Happy birthday, Absolutfreak! Enjoy your day.


Indigo Prophecy/Farenheit. A physical copy is being sold on Limited Run Games. Considering adding a copy to purchase with Streets of Rage. Never played it, but recall the hype surrounding the release. Worth playing? Does it stand the test of time? Y or N?


Yo D-Toid! Whatchu drankin' nowadays? Today's choice.


#scratchtoid Easily one of my favorite routines. 100% pure vinyl - no digital - and 7-inch records to boot.


Howdy gang! I just noticed that Risk of Rain 2 for PS4 (physical copy) is under $15 on Amazon. Been curious about it, but never played the first one. Apparently this comes with both ROR1 & ROR2. Is this game fun? Worth picking up? Please advise. Thank you


Good night, everybody!


TIP! Watch Tiger King on Netflix. Our very own BoxMan posted about it a while back. I couldn't stop watching it. Binged it all day. Just now (11 pm) going to bed ... lol. Don't want to spoil anything, but I highly recommend it, especially for crime buffs.


FYI Possible delay for those of you who ordered DOOM Eternal via Amazon. Check your emails.


Officially "working" from home today. University locked down all buildings. Graduations held in May canceled. Currently playing Children Of Morta which I HIGHLY recommend. Combination of Diablo style hack & slash + rogue elements. Hope you are all safe!


Doom Eternal pre-orders unavailable. Does anyone know why the Amazon listings have been removed? Was going to pre order today, but now they are gone. Possible delay? [EDIT] Looks like it's live again. Placing order now.


Happy birthday to the one they call Bass. Enjoy your day, sir!


Serious question for the metal heads here. Is Jon Mikl Thor taken seriously or is his schtick a joke? I only know him from some horrible b-movies he made, but apparently he has his own Canadian metal band. Also "Rock & Roll Nightmare" is a must see.


Getting one of my tires checked. Sign outside local tire shop.


Better than PETA's Superbowl ad.


Flaming hot cheetos take: Darksiders 3 is the best (read: most fun) entry in the entire series. No, seriously.


Happy birthday Wes-syde!


Just sending a quick birthday shout out to Riff Raff on his day. Have a great one, my good man.


Just stopping by to wish you all Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas. Although I am not the most active participant I still feel welcome here and appreciate the sense of comradery everyone has among each other. Best wishes and cheers to you all!


Best vs Worst Movie (2019 Edition). Howdy D-toid folks. Just curious as to what movies you saw this year that you consider to be the best or worst movie for the year. Can be something current or old school. Want to compile a list I can view over the break


#Cursedmas? Harry & Lloyd's doggie van seen outside the workplace this morning (more pics inside).


Random sticker found on bus stop sign. Happy Saturday everyone!


End of an era? RedBox no longer renting or selling video games.


#retrosh*t Posting this for no other reason except that it brings back good memories of my sister and I begging our mom to get us one of these for Christmas. The Sears catalog opened a window to so many possibilities. Good times.


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