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*The Messenger PSA* For all the physical collectors out there it seems like Special Reserve Games and Limited Run Games are stepping up to release a physical copy of the game for both PS4 and Switch. Pre-orders start on March 19th. *BUMP 4 DA LATE CROWD*


RETRO GAME STUFF. You youngsters are spoiled. You can quickly Google video game tips and get results in seconds. Back in my day we had to go buy crap like Conquer The Video Craze LP (1982) and listen to a boring narrator drone on and on. LINK IN COMMENTS!


Beyond The Black Rainbow. Has anyone here seen it? I finally checked it out last night. Not typically a fan of "artsy" movies, but enjoyed this one enough to see it through to the end. I much preferred Panos Cosmatos "Mandy", but it's still worth a watch.


Qtoid is broken. Send help.


Some old hag started screaming at me while driving on my way home from work.


Random Chicago street art.


# valentoid ᴴᵃᵖᵖʸ ᵛᵃˡᵉⁿᵗᶦⁿᵉ'ˢ ᴰᵃʸ, ᴰ⁻ᵗᵒᶦᵈ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵘⁿᶦᵗʸᵎ


PSA: Yakuza 6 (PS4) is only $19.99 on Amazon (U.S. site). Most places still have it around $40.00 and I can think of many other things I've foolishly dropped an Andrew Jackson on. Now that's rad!


Speaking of "Heart Of Darkness", anyone remember this PS1 game? I remember not getting far into it and eventually gave up. Ended up trading it in at EB Games or something.


Salt & Sanctuary. So I finally started playing this game yesterday and am thoroughly enjoying it. I've gotten as far as the bastard in the pic (but not beaten yet). Any tips on what I should be upgrading via the skill tree? Using the knight, btw. Thanks!


PSA: Valkyria Chronicles 4 (PS4) is only $23.00 on Amazon (U.S. site). I was on the fence about picking this one up, but you can't beat that price for a fairly recent game. Many retailers are still selling it for $59.99, so go ahead and grab a copy quick.


PSA Iconoclasts - Physical Edition. Just a heads up for those of us who still collect physical media. Limited Run Games just put up physical copies of Iconoclasts on their site. Limited quantities, so best grab one before the scalpers do.


Yo! Just wanted to say happy birthday to the homie Wes-Syde. Enjoy your day, partner.


YOU GUYS ROCK! I am now counting down the hours until I get out of this joint. I shan't return until January 2nd which means I won't be posting as often. Just wanted to say the D-Toid community is quite awesome. Thank you for having me. See ya'll in 2019!


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