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Small Gamestop rant inside. Click if curious. Or don't. It's your life.


It's finally happening ... Will be available for pre-order on both Switch & PS4.


From the bottom of my heart I wish the D-Toid community a Happy 2021. Let's hope there is a better tomorrow for all of us.


A sincere Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all members of the D-Toid community! Thanks for allowing me to sporadically post and engage with each of you. Hope you're able to play some new, shiny games over the next few weeks.


**PSA** Need something to watch over the holidays? The fabulous Ghost Stories anime with the English dub is on Amazon Prime (U.S). Wholesome fun for the whole family!


Qtoid Question - I am seeing copies of Rage 2 for around $10 brand new on Amazon (with other copies selling for not much more than this). Is this worth dropping a few bucks on? Seems like reviews were overall mixed to mediocre, but it looks fun. Opinions?


#Blessedmas This dude has a fire boombox collection. Really wish I kept mine from the 80's. Currently only have one that, fortunately, still plays tapes and sounds great. I wish they were still making these, especially with tape culture making a comeback.


I'm exploring the weird side of Amazon Prime again. Scene from Funland (1987). Also #Cursedmas


Happy Turkey Day, D-Toid. Also happy birthday to the one they call Seymour. Much love to this community which seems to have some strong comradery among one another. Beware Cursedmas is coming...


Have a great one, Chris M!


Apparently Destructoid is having a Freaky Friday moment (and it's only Monday!). What is going on?


So I wasn't the only one who noticed, right?


FYI If you or someone you know is a Sam's Club member you can pre order a PS5 right now (max 1 per member). https://www.samsclub.com/p/ps5-pre-order/prod24980181 **UPDATE: SOLD OUT**


#Childhoodtoytoid Not a toy, but I have this pencil from the 1st grade which was given to each student on the last day of class. Each one was personalized with our full name by the teacher as a parting gift. I thought it was a nice gesture. It's from 1981


**PSA** Physical copies of Ikaruga are now up for pre-order on the Nicalis Store (PS4 and Switch). Link in comments for those interested.


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