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REC BOX SET FOR HORROR FANS. Got my Scream Factory blu-ray set of the REC movies today. I'm quite excited about this overlooked series. There was an American version of the first two named QUARANTINE, but not last two (I prefer the original Spanish ones).


Music Clubs. Anyone remember these? They let you choose 8 or so tapes/CD's for 1ยข. I was looking at my CD collection and noticed that about 1/2 of them came from BMG Music Club. I built my collection and discovered so many artists this way. Good times...


Rough day! There's only one way to end this Wednesday on a positive note. Have a pleasant evening D-Toid community.


Paladone Playstation Lights. I happened to stop in a Gamestop today when I saw these on the shelf. Decided to pick them up and place them atop of my game shelves. It looks really nice! Can be powered via batteries or USB. Lights can stay lit or alternate.


SALT & SANCTUARY. Heads up for the fellow Dtoider's who like purchasing physical copies of their games. Limited Run Games are selling copies today for the PS4 and Vita. I'll be playing this game for the first time, so any helpful tips are welcome.


Victor Vran. So I started playing this over the weekend since it fell off my radar and, boy, is it fun! Wish I had picked it up sooner, but at least it is cheap now. Features the voice actor who does Geralt of Rivia. Check it out for some Diablo style fun


NEO GEO MINI. Is anyone from the D-Toid community going to pre-order this unit? I will admit that I never had a Neo Geo nor did I know anyone who owned one. If I recall correctly they were quite expensive. Still, I have played some of the games included.


YOUR GAME COLLECTION. Curious to see what the D-Toid community has amassed. I know folks are going the digital route, so if that is your thing then perhaps share a pic of your game related paraphernalia instead. This is my Playstation shrine as of today.


Is it just me or did Chris Moyse' article on the PS2 titled "Pour one out: Sony Japan stops providing technical support for PlayStation 2" just get hijacked? Seems to be an ad for a game called Agario. WTF?


The time has come for DEAD CELLS. I finally finished playing through the Banner Saga trilogy (great games, though I think I got the "bad" ending). I am finally going to approach DC this week. Any beginner tips from the D-Toid community you can share? THNX


"Hereditary" Just watched this last night via VUDU streaming. I must say that I did NOT expect the twists and turns. Worth another view. Anyone else check it out? What did you think of it? Possible spoilers, so be wary. Also I really dig this movie poster


#REVERSE-AMA Howdy D-Toid. I am not here for an AMA as I've nothing of interest to share. I do, however, want to learn more about each of YOU. Let's start with 2 simple questions: 1) Who are you? 2) what are you doing here? Reynolds Crab demands answers!


Lovely temps in the Midwest today. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer while it's here!


THE SCENARIO. You are stuck on a deserted island with a car battery, game console, TV screen and 1 game. You manage to rig these items so that you can at least have some entertainment before crossing the final threshold. What is the game of your choice?


Do you remember the first video game you owned? This could either be the first one you purchased with your own money or, being a kid, the first game gifted to you by your parent(s). Mine was Donkey Kong for the Atari 2600 (not counting free COMBAT game).


Actual sign located by an exit at my job (I chuckle every time I pass by). I also love the addition of the Helen Henny sticker at the top.


Another failed attempt at a Q post. Please ignore and go about your daily lives. Thank you.


DARK ANIME. I consider myself a casual anime viewer as it is hard for me to find one that intrigues me (not keen on fan service or annoying pets). I do find enjoyment in darker animes. Elfen Lied & Inuyashiki are great! Any similar recommendations? Thanks


No idea what is going on, but this is to me the best dance scene in a movie ever. https://media.giphy.com/media/NEUFVsfiYoL3a/giphy.gif


Santigold fans? She just dropped a new mixtape titled "I Don't Want: The Gold Fire Sessions" that is actually pretty "dope" (or whatever you kids say nowadays). Been enjoying her music for years so anytime she releases something I am up on it. Peep it!


Banner Saga Trilogy. Comes out tomorrow for the PS4 and other consoles. Never played any of these games, though I see they are turn based which I like. Looking for something similar to combat in the X Com series. Does this fit the bill? Worth picking up?


EVERSPACE. Has anyone played this game? Just wanted to get some feedback. Apparently a physical release is coming via LRG and I am interested, yet not sure if it would get boring quickly. I'm always down for procedurally generated levels. Thanks D-Toid'z!


Confession time. I love G.L.O.W. on Netflix. I don't know of anyone else around me that actually watches it, but I am completely hooked. Finished season 2 in two days and want more. Anyone else or am I alone in my love for ladies of the 80's in spandex?


It's 90 degrees at 9pm in Chicago. Too hot to be making love tonight, so what to do? Head out to one of the city's many seafood restaurants and enjoy a platter for two along with a margarita pitcher. Hope you have a fantastic weekend, D-Toid community!


Remember "The Box" from the 90's? I was looking at a video on YouTube the other day and noticed the numbers scrolling at the bottom. I actually called it one day ($1.99) to order a video and got an earful from mom when the phone bill arrived. Good times.


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