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YOU GUYS ROCK! I am now counting down the hours until I get out of this joint. I shan't return until January 2nd which means I won't be posting as often. Just wanted to say the D-Toid community is quite awesome. Thank you for having me. See ya'll in 2019!


#cursedmas List of legit reasons one could be admitted into an insane asylum during the late 1800's.


GUILTY PLEASURE. I've been hesitant to share this with anyone, but I am a huge fan of the "Ghost Adventures" series on the Travel Channel. This has more to do with their interactions with one another and overreactions than them finding actual evidence.


"Shut up, woman, and get on my horse ..."


Happy Thanksgiving D-Toid community! Hope you all enjoy some time with friends and family. As for me it's time to get cookin'. No turkey - just ribs, chicken, potato salad, and cornbread. Anyway thank you all for your kindness and hospitality. #neversiege


Random travel pic. Creepy smile Lincoln spotted outside of a rest area in Shepherdsville, KY (USA).


PSA Enter The Gungeon - Physical Edition. Just a heads up for those of us who still collect physical media. Special Reserve Games just put up physical copies of Enter The Gungeon on their site. Limited quantities, so best grab one before the scalpers do.


(PSA) Attention all cinephiles! The classic "Death Wish 3" is now available for streaming on Hulu (U.S.). Do yourselves a favor and watch this life changing movie at your earliest convenience. That is all.


Happy birthday wishes to Mr Moyse! Hope you have a good one, bud.


Happy birthday to Mr Churros!


HAPPY HALLOWEEN, DESTRUCTOID COMMUNITY! Hope everyone has fun today or at least gets some candy treats for your sweet tooth. Posting this classic jam by Ministry from the 80's. Feel free to post your own Halloween or horror themed tracks for the holiday.


Just when I thought the whole shark movie phenomenon was finally starting to die out, they give us this lil' gem.


Funny spam email I received (long ass message in comments).


ALIENATION. I know I'm quite a few years late, but I finally got my physical copy of Alienation in the mail today. Going to get ready to kick some alien arse. Also it's a damn shame Housemarque is done with arcade shooters. At least they left us some gems


My Arcade mini retro arcades @ Target. Has anyone seen these? They are rather adorable. The Data East Classics, in particular, is nice. Note that the price is actually $79.99, but moved it to take the picture. Would love feedback if anyone bought one.


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