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Happy birthday to fellow B-movie connoisseur and all around awesome chap, C Moyse! If you are ever in the city of Chi I'd love to buy you a drink. Stay cool, bud, and have a great birthday :)


Happy Halloween D-Toid! 🎃


Malignant (2021). My personal favorite movie of the year. Started off fine, but progressively got better. That last act was so crazy and over the top. Frank Hennenlotter would approve. Fans of 80s era cheesy B-movies will find much to love.


D-Toid's front page ads are out of control.


Happy born day Mr Gundy ....


Risk of Rain 2. The bug has finally bit me and I am addicted to this game. Extremely fun, but man is it tough! I can get to the end of the 3rd stage in most runs, but then get my ass handed to me while waiting on the teleport. Trying to "git gud".


Question: What is the best "souls-like" game worth playing through? Aside from Dark Souls, Demon Souls, Sekiro and Bloodborne I want to experience games that emulate the feel of the source material that spawned so many clones. This includes 2D games, too.


I'm taking it to the skies this weekend!


Speaking of Castlevania ...


And with that, Judgment comes to a conclusion. Phenomenal game! I am envious of anyone who is going to begin the journey for the first time ever. FYI - stick around for the humorous post game credit sequence.


R.I.P. Shock G. Sharing one of my absolute favorite cuts.


Happy born day to the sentient meat bag they call Occams!


You potheads are a bunch of turkeys!


Someone took my daily nightmares and made them reality. A pox on thee, vile creator, whomever you may be!


Joining the Pac Man hype train.


FYI - Blasphemous is getting a physical Deluxe Edition this summer. I am not sure if it's limited, but it does include the DLC and some extra goodies. More details in comments.


No joke. D-toid is home to a bunch of beautiful guys and gals. Y'all a sexy bunch.


Ah the "good old days" pre internet.


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