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A Monument(al) Review

Sorry, bad pun...   Monument valley 1&2 analysis: So I've been casually playing Monument Valley 1 and 2 the past couple of months, on and off. Mostly on during breaks from work and whatnot to get my mind going. Here's an analy...


Got a whole bunch of games (perhaps too many?) from the Devolver Steam sale last weekend. Now to find time to play them all... Well anyways, my first ever cBlog is up! Have a great day!


Let's Reflect #1: The Early Days

Welcome all!  This is the first post of a series of reflection blogs I'm writing that describe my journey and experience with video games. As a first time blogger, please comment and critique what you like and dislike, or feel fre...


About Professor Dillyballone of us since 10:09 AM on 02.16.2017

Hey everyone!

I'm a clarinetist and composer from the southern Maine area, currently working on getting a small indie studio together.

Here I'll be posting biweekly blogs about my journey within video games and some analysis of games I've been playing.

I lead a small Facebook group called Maine Game Development where we host events in the Portland, Maine area. Also working on starting another game club where we play games and talk about them monthly, kind of like a book club.

Stay tuned for various resources that I post within my blogs if you want to know more about game development.

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