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I’m bogged down with Bayonetta, MGR, Monster Hunter, and Resident Evil 4. Should keep me busy until May. In other news, my cats are assholes 🍑😼


Started playing Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance in honor of Presidents Day. 5 years old and this game is still amazing. It's no wonder Platinum has built up such an awesome reputation.


Two words. “Nanomachines, son.”


Times are hard. The morale hasn’t been particularly high, as Malika has been constantly sick due to baby. A student of mine committed suicide last Thursday, and I’ve had a very hard time processing it emotionally. Just a very challenging time right no


Celeste is a very special game, AWESOME soundtrack! I'm enjoying my experience with it a lot.


DW9 is getting slapped for being buggy, and the open world environments are bland and barren. Furthermore, it fluctuates anywhere from 10-60fps on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, making it a hot mess. Very disappointed as a long time series fan.


Anime review: Devilman: Crybaby

Sick. Twisted. Deep.  Blindly going into Devilman: Crybaby, I had no idea what to expect. Our lovely Community Manager Occams had recommended I give it a look on Netflix, so I thought hey, why not? I'm always open to different ex...


Guys...I’m a very straight-forward individual. I’m not the kind of guy who likes to beat around the bush. I’m going to be a daddy!


#shoutouttoid to all of you who haven't had a specific call out. Too many times, I feel that individuals go under the radar here, when there are many people who go out of their way regularly to deliver actual content and thoughts here. #notoidleftbehind


I’m a little uneasy about Nintendo’s online service. Hope it works out well. Also, I’d love to get either Tokyo Mirage or P5 on that pop tart sometime...😙


Impressions: Monster Hunter World

There's always a bigger fish If you have some common knowledge of modern video game trends, then I'm sure you are well aware of what Monster Hunter is. One of Capcoms's finest franchises, (and most popular), the series has made its wa...


Sometimes I browse through the qposts...and have absolutely no idea what's going on. And by sometimes, I mean all the time.


So it seems that Neko-Para is coming to the PS4 and Switch...surely we're talking about the edited version...right?


Monster Hunter is tough, damn it. I forgot how often I have to sharpen my darn blades...


I’m excited to get home from this conference and play Monster Hunter on the One X! Who else is going hunting this weekend?


Going to a state music conference tomorrow! Gonna drink, go to some sessions, drink, listen to some groups perform, and drink!


Ludicrous opinion: I've grown very fond of chromebooks. I bought a cheap Samsung Chromebook 3, and I just very much enjoy how lightweight it is, and fast too.


Impressions: Super Lucky's Tale

Do you feel lucky, punk? I love platformers - and at this point in the blog, you've already written me off as a filthy casual. But in all seriousness, I've long been a fan of the platforming genre. From Mario, to Banjo, to Sonic, to C...


Really guys? REALLY? (proud of you)


So yes, Malika and I are very spoiled and blessed. We each have a Switch, a PS4 Pro and yes, an Xbox One X now. I wanted to really capitalize on our 4K tv with hdr, but I also have a soft spot for Xbox. Feel free to shoot me any questions about the One X.


Dear Dtoid Community, if you see some stranger named...'Blackhawk505' add you on Xbox Live, never fear, for it is your old pal JuIc3......look, I created this account waaaaaay back when I was like 13 okay? Don't bully me...


Happy Birthday, Mother Panda Zed! You are such a delightful person, I'm so grateful for your constant positive attitude and dedication to this community!


Why Nintendo? You have a good thing going...what in the world do you think you’re going to accomplish with cardboard??? Uuuggghhhh.


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Anime reviews guideline - I rate my anime series with stars. Star ratings correspond as follows:

★★★★★ - a true masterpiece! An enticing story, amazing visuals, and characters that will stick with you forever. There are few out there that achieve this level of excellence.

★★★★ - a fine show. Some little quirks or pacing issues, but nothing to ruin the overall presentation. The show is bound to have many fans, and should be relevant for years to come.

★★★ - good, but not amazing. Noticeable flaws that will keep the show from truly being embraced by the masses. Likely to have a favorable following, with many good elements to be observed.

★★ - a weaker offering. Features some enjoyable moments, but overall feels very flat and bland. Lacking of originality, a strong hook, and features characters that are forgettable.

★ - anime was a mistake. No coherent point of interest or pacing to be found. Lacking in style, taste, and talent. Don't go near it, for your own safety...