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JuIc3 update....UpduIc3? JuIdate. Eh. Hello all! It's been a good while since I wrote...really anything over here, so I thought I'd make an update. For funsies and things of the sort. That up there is a picture of me conducting one of...


Remember when the internet wasn’t full of overly sensitive babies? I miss those days.


Time for gas station pizza.


Happy Holidays old friends! Always thinking of ya <3


Hey fam, I've started my own blogspot page as an outlet where I can write about games, as well as other things that cross ma' mind. I'm certainly not a fan of shilling, but if you'd like to check it out, you can see my stuff at juic3blogs.blogspot.com. <3


Hey guys. Go watch Avengers.


That moment in God of War? Oh yeeeeaaaaah.


So far, God of War is pretty fun. It’s incredibly cinematic, which could be a positive or a negative depending on your personal preference. Combat is a bit clunky, if I’m honest, though it only gets better as I go. I see why it’s being well received


Anime review: Violet Evergarden (Season 1)

An emotional masterpiece For one reason or another, I have a very difficult time getting emotional these days. Whether it's for happy reasons, or overwhelmingly sad reasons, it is incredibly difficult for me to lose myself in my emoti...


Anime review incoming this afternoon!


I drank too much bourbon last night. I haven’t thrown up like that since I was in college.


Has science gone too far?


And so, our beloved home was placed on the market. LET'S HOPE IT SELLS!


White girls.


I'm ready for some Switch Souls (Dark Switch?). All I want to do is praise the sun on a conveniently portable device...is that so much to ask?


...anyone else already committed to purchasing Sonic Mania Plus just for a physical copy and extra goodies?


What can you do when you live in a shoe and you ain’t got no sole?


Let's be honest. That new Sonic Mania Adventures short was simply delightful.


The wife and I are still alive and kicking! Still playing MHW and DW8 (because 9 was utter shite). Hoping and (dare I say) praying for a miracle (work related).


Family update: things bode pretty well at the JuIc3 home. I’m looking into taking a second job to help save money. Not gonna lie...I’m a bit nervous about finding a way to afford daycare. I just don’t know how we are going to do it...


I get to go to work today!!! *edit* Jk, I ended up falling and hitting my head in the driveway. Now I’m at home diagnosed with a mild concussion.


Thank the lord for Google Docs...I wrote up a fun blog to share with you guys...but evidently Dtoid thinks I'm a bot. HERESY TO THE MAXIMUM!!!


Impressions: Darling in the Franxx

Torchman cried tears of joy Yes Torch, I know you are proud of me. For you see, I have finally found a mech anime that I could actually get into, and dare I say, enjoy. Have you even heard of Darling In The Franxx? If not, you would be wis...


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Former Community-Manager/Editor here at Destructoid, I now take solace in the community, where I sparingly blog about whatever the hell strikes up my fancy.

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Anime reviews guideline - I rate my anime series with stars. Star ratings correspond as follows:

★★★★★ - a true masterpiece! An enticing story, amazing visuals, and characters that will stick with you forever. There are few out there that achieve this level of excellence.

★★★★ - a fine show. Some little quirks or pacing issues, but nothing to ruin the overall presentation. The show is bound to have many fans, and should be relevant for years to come.

★★★ - good, but not amazing. Noticeable flaws that will keep the show from truly being embraced by the masses. Likely to have a favorable following, with many good elements to be observed.

★★ - a weaker offering. Features some enjoyable moments, but overall feels very flat and bland. Lacking of originality, a strong hook, and features characters that are forgettable.

★ - anime was a mistake. No coherent point of interest or pacing to be found. Lacking in style, taste, and talent. Don't go near it, for your own safety...