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So yes, Malika and I are very spoiled and blessed. We each have a Switch, a PS4 Pro and yes, an Xbox One X now. I wanted to really capitalize on our 4K tv with hdr, but I also have a soft spot for Xbox. Feel free to shoot me any questions about the One X.


Dear Dtoid Community, if you see some stranger named...'Blackhawk505' add you on Xbox Live, never fear, for it is your old pal JuIc3......look, I created this account waaaaaay back when I was like 13 okay? Don't bully me...


Happy Birthday, Mother Panda Zed! You are such a delightful person, I'm so grateful for your constant positive attitude and dedication to this community!


Why Nintendo? You have a good thing going...what in the world do you think you’re going to accomplish with cardboard??? Uuuggghhhh.


Hey there friends, I just finished anime review number 3! Feel free to give it a look, it sure was a fun show.


Anime review: Recovery of an MMO Junkie

30 isn't THAT old...right? I have to admit, I'm a sucker when it comes to romance in anime. I also have to admit, when I find something that I can relate to, I tend to feel a strong attachment to it. That being said, Recovery of an MM...


No school tomorrow. Whatever shall I do!?!?


I’m watching the movie Whiplash with the wife. I swear if my band instructors were anything like that, I’d NEVER have gone into my profession.


My next anime up for review is Recovery of an MMO Junkie. It’s looking incredibly fun so far!


The misery of being a sports fan in Missouri

And you thought my last blog was failblog material So another little fun fact about your old pal JuIc3, I'm a sports fan. I grew up watching the Kansas City Royals as the perennial laughing stock of Major League Baseball. I watched th...


Come on over to la casa de JuIc3! We'll watch some of that weaboo shit, and drink screw drivers until dawn! #mozeltov


When I retire, I'm going to open up a burger joint with Malika. Evidently I make a pretty good one, and I even have my own 'unique' creation that sounds crazy, but taste AMAZING. Details in the comments!


Switch Anxiety: Data Dilemma

Writers note: before I had written this blog, I was under the impression that Nintendo only offered 32gb cards for developers and publishers to store their games on. Credit to community member Barry Kelly for helping me get facts stra...


Welcome to the year 2018, where if you fart, you are an offensive bigot.


The more time I spend on the Switch, the less I want to play my PlayStation. I can’t even describe it, but even playing in handheld mode is very enjoyable (especially with customizable joy cons). The little things 😙


Happy Birthday, Malika chan! You are my best friend, and you run off drunken college kids banging on our door at 1:30am with me. TEAMWORK!


Finished my second anime review! Time to make some coffee, grab some poptarts, and play more The Witcher 3. Great way to start my birthday off!


Anime review: Scum's Wish

Sex, deceit, teenage angst I turn 29 today, and I realize that it has now been over a decade since I graduated from the hormonal wasteland known as high school. Young romance can be downright tragic, messy, awkward, uncomfortable, and...


Guys school just got canceled for tomorrow! That means more time for anime reviews and The Witcher 3!!! Oh, and tomorrow is my birthday, I guess.


Scums Wish finished! Incoming review in the next day or so, can’t wait to share! Keep an eye on the c-blogs for more deets!


Been watching Scum's Wish, which will be my next big Anime Review. I don't think I've ever seen a show that made me uncomfortable, pissed me off, and yet still found a way to keep me watching it. Oh, this review is going to be a good one.


Oh 8th hour class is so very...unique.


Suddenly, my body feels a heavy sensation overwhelming me all at once. Could this be the burden of life, slowly taking over? It’s so immense that I can barely breathe. Then I’s just my overweight cat laying on me to remind me to feed him.


Anime review: Made in Abyss

Free fallin' I figured that with it being a new year, it was time to try some different writing scenarios. I've certainly done my fair share of reviewing when it comes to video games over the years, but we don't often see an awful lot...


About JuIc3one of us since 9:12 AM on 02.12.2017

Middle aged teacher, otaku and gaming nerd, JuIc3 is somewhat of a lost Destructoid relic that just doesn't know what to do with himself.

Former Community-Manager/Editor here at Destructoid, I now take solace in the community, where I sparingly blog about whatever the hell strikes up my fancy.

If you like my stuff, be sure to check out my wife, Malika chan. Contrary to popular opinion, we aren't conjoined twins or anything like that. That would certainly make things awkward.


Anime reviews guideline - I rate my anime series with stars. Star ratings correspond as follows:

★★★★★ - a true masterpiece! An enticing story, amazing visuals, and characters that will stick with you forever. There are few out there that achieve this level of excellence.

★★★★ - a fine show. Some little quirks or pacing issues, but nothing to ruin the overall presentation. The show is bound to have many fans, and should be relevant for years to come.

★★★ - good, but not amazing. Noticeable flaws that will keep the show from truly being embraced by the masses. Likely to have a favorable following, with many good elements to be observed.

★★ - a weaker offering. Features some enjoyable moments, but overall feels very flat and bland. Lacking of originality, a strong hook, and features characters that are forgettable.

★ - anime was a mistake. No coherent point of interest or pacing to be found. Lacking in style, taste, and talent. Don't go near it, for your own safety...