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Hiding in my house with the lights off.


Y’all want me to make an unboxing video on the 12th of my PS5? It’ll probably be cringey af. AND, I’ll compare it to a banana.


2 weeks. 2 smol weeks until we FINALLY get Knack to run at 60fps!!!


My solution to fixing Halo Infinite? Offer a fat stack of cash to bring in Bungie to work side by side with 343 to finish the project and ensure that it’s up to quality. Xbox doesn’t need Halo to succeed, but it’ll hurt it’s reputation if it fails


Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog.


Tis been many a moon since I made those buttcheeks ‘clap’.


Custom faceplates are already available for the PS5. Not gonna lie, the black one is tempting...


I’m really not sure why I get so wrapped up in politics on Twitter. It’s truly a lost cause. I just get frustrated and can’t help myself. 🤦‍♀️


Having a drink and watching Attack on Titan. Three weeks to PS5! 👌


My kids got to sing in class today (spaced out and wearing masks). Far from ideal, but it was great to finally have them singing in an organized rehearsal setting!


I love cats. 💜


Pardon me, friends. I just flatuted. uwu


Looks like a Hungarian retailer is listing Demon’s Souls for the PS4. Hmmmmmmm.


My colleagues, happily nomming away at the Chinese they just had delivered. Me, sucking on jolly ranchers in the corner...


Why Burger King though, Sony? Does anyone even eat Burger King anymore?


Evidently Burger King is going to have a PS5 event. Tweet link in comments.


Looks like I’m done with my family. My brothers don’t even try to communicate, my mother is crazy, and my dad is a hot headed fool. Granted, it’s been broken for years, but things aren’t even civil anymore.


Seems the mute feature doesn’t work on here. Slightly disappointing.


Happy weekend my dudes. We having Mac n Cheese and Chili for dinner. The poor mans banquet!


Scenario: Your semen now tastes like neapolitan ice cream. Do you...uh...well you know. ?


5 weeks.


Goes without saying, but everyone is entitled to their opinions, politically or otherwise. Just because we disagree doesn't mean we can't get along. I like all of you guys...most of you guys, and I appreciate it when people can have civil discussions.


The Mrs. and I are celebrating our anniversary today! By going to work...and maybe getting a large fry at the McDonald’s...love ya, baby!


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