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Pretty sure I'm running on about 4 hours of sleep.


I am drinking tonight, so a few alcohol induced truths for you! 1) I’m pansexual. I have indeed loved another man. I’m happily married to Malika, and grateful she accepts this. (More in the comments).


Just preordered Ghosts of Sushi Booshi. Probably going to take my time with that one. I’m kinda burnt out on open world games, but I’m a sucker for feudal Japan.


So reports are coming in that PS5 and Series X games are going to be marketed at $69.99. Sours up the ol’ milk a bit.


Kinda bummed out that the Crysis Remastered reveal got pushed back. Evidently people got a look at it's leak, and were pretty vocal about their disapproval. On the bright side, hopefully the game will be even better when it does come out.


If you followed Pokémon and wanted to claim your shiny Zeraora, it’s up for grabs. I’ve never bothered with Pokémon Home, so it doesn’t apply for me.


High School DxD is Chicken Soup for the lewd middle aged man’s soul.


Thanks for pitching in on the next gen discussion, all! I actually really enjoy seeing different perspectives when it comes to these things. Xbox event coming up, and waiting on price drops. Oh, and Hamilton next week on Disney+!


So be honest with me here. From a completely neutral standpoint, would you be interested in the Series X if it could somehow undercut the PS5 by $100? No fanboying here, just genuinely curious.


I'm getting old, and video games are too damn long

Seriously. Cut the darn malarky I've been crunching lately. Not into a delicious bag of chips, or into a nice juicy piece of fried chicken. Not grinding in a studio non-stop just to create a game that was ultimately kinda...meh. No, I...


I wrote a thingy for the first time in a while. So that there is something. Should be up in a few moments here.


A few random thoughts...1) TLoU Pt. 2 wasn’t very good. 2) Yes, COVID-19 is still a thing. 3) She-Ra and the Princess of Power is wonderful. 4) We’re having baby #2. 5) Seeing a forums tab again is...weird. 6) Butts (plural). 7) The PS5 is ugly. 8) Hi


If you're going to drink Malibu, just shoot it. Don't waste your time mixing it. Might as well be drinking Kool-aid.


White gurls tho. WHOZ WIT ME!?


If I were a midget, my lifelong goal would be to 69 with a partner who's 7ft tall


Why do cats have such awful looking buttholes?


So let me ask you this. If your penis was made of gold, would you sell it?


Curse my indulgent life style.


If you were a turtle... would you strive to make beautiful turtle love to your boo?


You can pick your friends, and you can pick your waifu. But you can't pick your friends waifu.


Pre ordered a couple Switch Lite's for the Mrs. and myself. Anyone else thinking about getting one? How about the revised model coming mid August?


I love chicken strips.


So Malika and I lost Simba this evening...and we are hurting a lot Dtoid. It's been a long time since I've felt pain like this...please keep us in your thoughts.


It's hotter than satan's...horns, outside.


Chocolate covered buttcheeks.


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