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If you're going to drink Malibu, just shoot it. Don't waste your time mixing it. Might as well be drinking Kool-aid.


White gurls tho. WHOZ WIT ME!?


If I were a midget, my lifelong goal would be to 69 with a partner who's 7ft tall


Why do cats have such awful looking buttholes?


So let me ask you this. If your penis was made of gold, would you sell it?


Curse my indulgent life style.


If you were a turtle... would you strive to make beautiful turtle love to your boo?


You can pick your friends, and you can pick your waifu. But you can't pick your friends waifu.


Pre ordered a couple Switch Lite's for the Mrs. and myself. Anyone else thinking about getting one? How about the revised model coming mid August?


I love chicken strips.


So Malika and I lost Simba this evening...and we are hurting a lot Dtoid. It's been a long time since I've felt pain like this...please keep us in your thoughts.


It's hotter than satan's...horns, outside.


Chocolate covered buttcheeks.


HA HA...dangly parts.


Who's ready for a FREE handjob??


With all the shout-out's in the community blogs, I sure hope this Bob fellow is having a good day.


I, have a penis!


I had forgotten how much sheer bliss there is in beating pedestrians with dildo bats....in Saints Row.


Days Gone is okay. It isn’t great, but it isn’t shit either.


Having sex while drunk is ludicrously difficult.


Cuphead is freaking wonderful.


Seriously. Sekiro makes my balls hurt.


Got mad mud butt from Red Robin today.


Got a hold of Marseille, and they are letting me do a tech review on the mCable! Really looking forward to trying that out with the GameCube.


I have a butt.


Got news?  [email protected]


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Review in Progress: Shenmue III"Have you seen any sailors?"


Terminator: Resistance"You won't be back"


Google Stadia"Stream, stream, stream Señora"


Gylt"Stadia gets spooky"


Guildlings"Friends through eternity, loyalty, honesty..."


Review in Progress: Terminator: Resistance"Hey, that guy didn't pay..."


The Stretchers"Crazy Ambulance"


Disco Elysium"Good cop"


Superliminal"I have a dream..."


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New tattoo


Had a conversation on discord Realized afterwords that I was probably being an ignorant whiny Now I feel like a worthless garbage which us triggering my Tried to DM them to apologize but no response Just needed to


Had no idea there was a Space Balls cartoon! Gonna watch it right


Guys, a little question: is there a way to know when a preorder for a game is going live? Ive decided I want to get the a special edition of Persona 5 Royal (if it releases), but I will never give money to


This game is an incredibly unrealistic power Also I really dig the art

Electric Reaper

This does not bode well for the USAs

Zeke Daminara

Played a 3 hour game of Rimworld that had a bunch of highs and plenty of Everyone died but I fired an orbital lazor so thats

sp testure

Went on a galaxy portal expedition today and picked up this little Tomorrow Ill upgrade the crap out of her and think of a proper S38+T12 Fighter ;)

Drew Stuart

How we doin gamers? Who else has played way too much Pokemon this Fuckin me, for


This ball of fluff is preventing me from getting to my computer Stepping over him causes him to attack my feet and his claws are D:



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