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Sorry I’ve been so quiet the past couple days...my Aunt passed away. She was the last living sibling my father had, now he’s on top of the chain. Just a tough situation for the family atm.


Lots of good articles going up all over the web calling out publishers on the inclusion of 'loot boxes' and micro-transactions in gaming. Good! I don't know if it's too late to solve the problem...but bringing it forward is the best way to start.


I’ve been reading some of the metabombing going on for Battlefront II...isn’t the internet great??


Hey guys! Just thought I'd let you know that Pokemon Ultra Moon is going well. I'm enjoying the subtle changes they've made - it all helps to make the game feel a bit more full and complete. I'll surely blog more details...eventually!


In honor of the upcoming Pokémon games, Lindsey (aka Malika) and I picked up some New 2DS XL’s. This makes for my (xth) 3DS I’ve ever owned - x = a number you don’t want to know, and I DEFINITELY don’t want to know.


I've got my work cut out for me if I'm going to beat Doom before diving into Pokemon Ultra Sun! Wait...I need to beat a game that came out a year ago...so that I can play a game that came out a year ago...


I always find is disappointing when people say "your opinion is wrong". There's no such thing as a 'wrong' opinion. Some are less informed, some are shrewd and quick to the cut, however an opinion is like an asshole - everyone has one, all are valid.


Doom: To Switch or not to Switch

(It's about time you gave your Joy Cons a good work out) So as many of you know, Bethesda and id Software's hit first person shooter Doom (2016) has successfully been ported over to the Nintendo Switch. From an outsider's perspec...


So...do you guys still talk about butts and stuff?


The good news: Pam and I have bought ourselves a home (very exciting). The bad news: Coming up with all the upfront expenses to get the ball rolling. Gotta hang in there!


Tried to explain what a Nintendo Switch was to Kevin the other day...it went over well once I started using Twinkies as joy cons.


Copy machine is broke again...


Took Beasley out shopping today, got some new spring clothes, shared a pretzel, and then went to the track for exercise. It was a good day!


Love you Occams, stay beautiful.


Have you ever wanted to go to work wearing nothing but a tie?


My thoughts on a SNES Classic? Did I see it coming - sure. Am I going to fight for one - heck no. Had to buy my NES Classic off a scalper, I'm not about to do that all over again. Now if somebody gets one and would like to trade, give me a holler.


The Keurig at work still works...you just have to use it 2...3...4 times to get the right amount of coffee.


Just another exciting day at work. If I were any more overwhelmed with excitement, my heart might just burst.


I apologize in advance for Dwight's behavior. We tried to keep him off of social media.


The day after Easter, also known as the day everyone throws away their Peeps.


Do you still believe in the Easter Bunny?


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