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I’ve already pooped 3 times today. A bad omen, for sure.


So having not played an AC game since IV, I’m really enjoying Valhalla. It’s just fun. I’m not getting caught up in all the extra crap too much, which is good because apparently the main story alone takes upwards of 50hrs to finish.


I mimbur plz fren haz want hw accept


Birthdays go for two days in this household. Happy Birthday, ma love. You are absolutely an amazing mother.


When I reflect on everything that has happened in my life, especially just this last year, I feel very well rounded as a 32 year old man. Still excited about what the future may hold for my awesome kids and of course the waifu.


Can I level with y’all for a minute? I’ve been banned from things before. I’ve banned people from places before. It happens. It’s not called censorship, it’s called responsibility. Actions do have consequences, and without that, there’s chaos.


Made a new Twitter...I’m a bad boy. Feel free to add me, tag @papajuic3 Oh, and feel free to hit me up on Xbox too! JuIc3#8738


No but seriously, I bought Assassin’s Creed Valhalla today for $40. Cuz I mean...Vikings are pretty cool. I haven’t played an Assassin’s Creed since Black Flag.


Fun day for Trumpers to raid the capital...


Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair is pretty good stuff. The platforming is solid, and the music is stellar.


So honestly, the story of Cyberpunk kinda sucks. However, the gameplay, exploration and side quests are pretty entertaining. Just my lil’ input.


Seems my Series S blog tanked, but it was a fun write up anyway. If you guys have any next gen Xbox questions, hit me up!


Video games were pretty much the only high point of 2020. Despite the pandemic, it was a pretty solid year. Very curious what this year will bring. First thing on my list?


Xbox Series S: The Quiet Underdog

Small but hearty breed As baby number two has emerged into our lives, I've been thinking of many ways to be more economical. Money isn't easy to come by, and while I'm very happy with my life, our family is far from well off financial...


I’m not a fan of wishing people ‘Happy New Year’. Goals that are never met, a false sense of hope that everything magically changes (it doesn’t). THAT BEING SAID, tomorrow is another day, and we can all do great things going forward.


So I shifted course a bit. Sold the PS5 and games for a good chunk of money. While I love it, and it is a great system, it’s just not the most economical. Instead, I got my hands on a Xbox Series S, and a 1tb memory card. Still have extra cash, too!


Introducing, BIG CA....nah. Got em’!


Hospitals are terribly boring. Even more so during a pandemic. But, my boy shall cometh soon! Yue is awkward and uncomfortable.


Aight...Cyberpunk throws you right in with no guidance whatsoever. I find that more annoying than anything. There’s a million rpg elements and almost nothing is explained. And here I thought Fallout was bad...


Good news everyone! If the Mrs. makes it until tomorrow, I can actually be with her when our son is born.


I’m playing Spider-Man Remastered on PS5, and it’s infinitely better than Miles Morales. Unpopular opinion? Miles Morales was nothing more than DLC. And believe me, I REALLY liked Miles Morales. Don’t @ me.


Well America, we did it! We secured an extra $600 to save us from economic damnation! Do you qualify?


So we picked up Cyberpunk so that I have something to unwrap under the tree. The lady even tried to warn us not to buy it. This is gonna be so good.


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