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Shoutout to all of the metal brothers and sisters here on Dtoid...#arbitrarymetaltuesday out in full force today! Check out some of the new Immortal record, it absolutely kills.


Hey guys. Here's a video of a new "Shooting the breeze" type YouTube series featuring Raiku and I. Sorry for audio issues. First episode is about Waluigi, let us know what you think!!!


I don't think there's a musician death that has been more upsetting to me personally than Vinnie Paul. RIP you damn legend. Here's his drum masterpiece, Becoming. More details in comments.


Based on definitive scientific evidence, Wes has been proven to be the man that stole the cookies from the cookie jar.


RIP "Fast" Eddie Clarke, original guitarist of Motorhead. The original lineup of this iconic band, is playing loud in the heavens now.


Was alone in my EVIL LAB for the last few months but now I have another EVIL scientist coming in to work. RIP lurking Dtoid during work.


Hey guys, my brother Paul just put out a playthrough of an arrangement he did of the Superman theme, check it out!


Who here wishes they were still at home playing video games instead of working? Playing through Super Mario Odyssey and Wolfenstein the New Colossus right now.

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Overcoming Fear: Sir Charles vs. PSX

[I always considered Metal Gear Sold something of an action/suspense/horror game...and it looks like I'm not the only one! Sir Charles of Shred takes us through his childhood in having to face his fears through three key games he experience...


When Mario can't get his hands on the SNES Classic: Super Mario Scarcity.


Lots of great games out there right now BUT NONE OF THEM ARE SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY!!! HURRY UP AND GET HERE, FRIDAY!!!


Hey guys, just posted a CBlog on Overcoming Fear. Check it out and let me know what you think. Hope you all enjoy it!


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Hey Guys! I'm Sir Charles of Shred. As you may have guessed, I love to shred! On my guitar, that is. I got knighted by Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath. The only love in my life that compares to music, is gaming, and in fairness I met Mario first. My interests include: music of all types (especially metal and big band jazz), guitars, the art of shredding, vidya games, professional wrestling, movies, reading, writing, quoting Arnold Schwarzenegger, having intellectual discussions with friends, and also shredding.

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