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While putting together my Halloween Special - trying to play Ghouls and Ghosts on the Spectrum - it occurred to me that the 'power-up' of the fireball is very much more a 'power-down'- they're unmanageable! What other useless 'power-ups' are out there!?


For months, I've been gabbling voiceovers to fit the length of my videos. Turns out there's a button that'll just speed my voice up. Who knew? Mostly everyone, I'm thinking:) Feel free to ignore the video, it's very daft. But fast. Yes, daft and fast.


I'd been meaning to make a video based on a PS2 game for some time. It's a system full of classics - MGS2, GTA3, Okami. So what did I choose first? The averagely reviewed, largely forgotten, Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Too stupid to live? Very possibly:-)


My final one of the weekend: Dark Souls in the Dwarf Conifers. Or, as I like to call them, Conifers of Restricted Growth or CoRGs, if you will. Because tiny trees have feelings too!


In the first of today's editions of Videogames in the Garden, I present...I-War in the Ivy! I knew I'd manage to have fun with this game one day. It was a long twenty-two year wait, mind;-)


....and the last one for now...Shenmue on the Sunlounger, just kicking back and waiting for Shenmue 3 to arrive:-)


Here is the second of the series already...Q-Bert in the Quince Tree! He's unboxed too, the tinker, but that is sooooo Q-Bert!


Warm weather and my love of stupidity drove me outside to take photographs of videogames in the garden. I'd love this to become a 'thing'...a very stupid 'thing'. My first one is: Halo in the Hydrangeas:-)


It's so much better feeling that you've bought four games for a total of forty-five pounds than just one for forty - "Hey, that's £11.25 each - perfectly reasonable!" #SelfDeceiver:-)


My WiiU has now been plugged in for four and a half years. I have played it for just over four and a half hours. Is this is record?


Three ZX Spectrums (and a random cushion), but no working power supply. I think this might be what the kids call 'an epic fail'!


Stubbs’ left over body parts have been recycled into stubb-titles!


On our River Raid reconnaissance, Bunty and I spotted a boatload of subtitles!


My brand new Jetpac has arrived, crammed full of subtitles:-)


At the end of Enduro, I drove to the supermarket & picked up subtitles to share with you:-)


Strap on your jetpacs and fly with me to a different dimension!


Join Winston (the cat) and myself as we hit the road...Enduro style!


In a break from regular programming...here's the first episode of my quest to gain the Activision Patches. No Commentary! No distractions! Just gameplay and that all important score!


Join me - Lord Fortescue - as I take a delightful flight up the river, in Carol Shaw's River Raid for the Atari 2600!


While I was in Uncharted territory, I came across a treasure chest overflowing with subtitles! Enjoy!


Wow! The flashing neon signs of Yakuza’s downtown Kamurocho are forming subtitles. How illuminating!


Why did the chickens cross the freeway? To read the subtitles of course!


Those kind spiders have just woven a wonderous web of subtitles for my Spider Fighter video:-)


I'm joined on the latest leg of my Gaming Odyssey by my good wife, Lady Fortescue. Arabella and I cordially invite you to a viewing of our Freeway escapade.


Who's this I see hobbling across the cobbles!? It's only my old chum, Stubbs the Zombie!


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