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You: "There are only three single player Witcher games." Me, an intellectual:


The Witcher, Call of Juarez, Pathologic, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Mafia, Kingdom Come... There must be something about growing up beyond the iron curtain that turns you into an amazing game developer.


Have you ever heard of that artist that cut off his ear and sold it to buy PC games from a well-known store? He was called Van GOG.


Last time I refreshed, the "fap" word was replaced by ܞ, which apparently is the Syriac letter yudh. #Learningwithdestructoid (Hi JC)


The old CRT TV I hooked my SNES to makes a "pop" sound and turns off, so I tried it on a couple HDTVs and they receive a signal, but show no picture. This happens both with an RGB cable + SCART adapter and with a native SCART. Any suggestion?


I'm adding the G-Man's first HL2 monologue to my phone's alarm. I have been thinking about that for a while.


My roommates decided the Wii U is too big to stay in the living room :(


I started my second playthrough of The Witcher 1. I don't care how clunky it feels, I love it for the atmosphere and the plot. And the battle system, while simplistic, does its job.


https://www.humblebundle.com/store Make sure you get the only good TWD game for free :)


Pathologic is back! I suppose I should get around to finishing the first one, though. http://ice-pick.com/en/pathologic2-2/


My little cousin came to my room, took my SS Zelda action figure, made her beat up OoT Zelda, then put her into a 40's car with her boyfriend Mr. Bean (and OoT Zelda fainted/dead on the backseat) and made them drive off.


GOG code for Alan Wake's American Nightmare in the comments ;)


Just ordered a Steam Link I never knew I wanted. I am a filthy impulse buyer :(


Did they REALLY go for that name? Just... Wow.


PC is better than consoles because it's hard to get 60 FPS on a console, while on PC you can get hundreds of FPS from the early 90's to today. CHECKMATE PEASANTS.


Me and a couple friends legit passed like 20 minutes watching the tide slowly rise a few days ago. I was wondering... Are you aware of any game where tide is a mechanic? It would be pretty cool in an open-world game


This just showed up on my Facebook feed :D


I pre-ordered BOTW but I won't be able to play until I'll be back to Italy. Liek if u cry everytiem.


Some asshole already uploaded the entire BOTW soundtrack on YouTube and spoiler-ridden video titles keep showing up on my home page. I should probably logout from YT for some time.


Why isn't there any game that recognises "heartshots"? That would be awesome in a gangster game. (Yeah, kinda Valentine-related, I guess) Unrelated fun fact: St Valentine was born like 30 km from my town.


Lord Spencer's monday CblogRecap opened to me a world of studies on videogames. This, together with the amount of "classic" narratological stuff I have to read, is making my work on game narrations more complex than I expected. Hope it'll be worth it!


So, I was studying stuff when one of the best typos I've ever seen showed up.


Have you ever realised how clever Chivalry: Medieval Warfare's entire title is? The second half clearly is the opposite of Modern Warfare, but also the first references CoD, as knights fight because they belong to Chivalry, not because of a Call of Duty.


Lately I have been quite interested in narratology and I've been thinking for a while that nobody (AFAIK) tried to apply it to videogames. Would you be interested in a series of blogs that does that?


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