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Where does the alt-right gamer stereotype come from? Most gamers I see online are decent people, honestly.


A few words on everything I played at Gamescom in the first comment.


By the way, the fact that Simon's holy water hurts every Smash fighter means that all video games are the spawn of the devil.


Fuck. Now we'll get two weeks of YouTube suggesting us to watch Youtubers pretending to get overly excited during the Smash Direct.


Splatfests are just modern day trials by ordeal.


Yes, I understood that you played Pokémon Let's Go and it was MEH, please stop telling me that.


With so many games set in WW2, is there any that tackles Holocaust? If treated tastefully, it could be an interesting way to tell one of the greatest horrors ever conceived by humanity.


"Wolfenstein II makes some accettable compromises to run on..." is a great game with an amazing title.


Thank you for all the quality content you give us :)


I ordered pizza so I could study without wasting my time cooking. Now pizza is late, I'm hungry and can't focus :(


I'm not really sure I like the new Smash's aesthetics. Everybody looks... wet.


I'm theoretically extremely hyped for Smash, but the presentation was boring as hell.


That's what I call a show. 90% of the stuff was not really exclusive, but I had a lot of fun watching it.


Sometimes I think that Ubisoft probably hides somewhere an alpha version of the action game that was going to be Rayman Raving Rabbids, and I cry.


Do you ever use video games as a metaphor? I just realised that something that happened to me is just like helplessly looking at your character's health going down in a turn-based game.


Guess who's back? :)


Just finished Cuphead with my flatmate. Took us I don't know how many months since our near-day one purchase, but at last we made it :)


Calling it now: the butcher's dog in KCD is the best character of 2018 (Please avoid telling me in the comments if he dies)


I wish Crystal Dynamics made a game with a protagonist called Tom B. Raider.


The trailer for Geralt in SC VI made me go back to Soul Calibur II for the first time in years. Man did it feel good to beat the shit out of Raphael to the Zelda theme.


Ok. So. I know that there is no way this will happen. BUT. CDPR said that Geralt is going to appear as a guest in a game this year. And a few days later Nintendo announced Smash for this year. There's no need to get excited, yet...


Played FF XV demo. Optimisation is decent, 60 FPS with some annoying stutters on my 1080, hope they fix that. Graphics are amazing. The plot seems written by a 13-year-old girl, and I'm afraid it's too weebish for me. But maybe when the price drops...


When will the video game industry understand that sometimes we just need to pause a cutscene? Story-focused games have had amazing developments in the last decade, yet it's still an incredibly rare feature.


A few days ago I was at a bar and one barman told the other he was going to buy Fifa cards that night hoping to get good players. It got me thinking that while we complain about microtransactions there are people that consider them fun.


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