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What's that thing where you move characters (or sometimes things) on a screen using a controller or keyboard & mouse called again?


Scratch my last post. I will never understand Qtoid. Just listen to this album. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mvn1FYbapCU&list=OLAK5uy%20&index=1


https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy%20 Deus Ex soundtrack remixed by the original composers. Not sure I like it.


Hey, how come DToid hasn't reviewed Desperados III yet? Is there some kind of embargo?


I think I've almost finished Fallout. Heck, CRPGs are very fun, but somewhat tiring. I think I'll have a mindless Halo 2 break before moving on to the revered Fallout 2.




Nintendo Direct predictions: Miyamoto 2


Not sure how I feel about Breath of The Wild 2's stylistic choices.


The janitor at my new college has a strong North European accent. Should I ask him if I can borrow his Walkman?


What about Gold, Silver and Bronze Games tho


Is anybody playing Control on PC with a Dualshock 4? I can't get it to work...


Do you think that using the Wii U gamepad to turn on the TV and play with the PS4 is unfair towards the Wii U?


Remember that time Sega fucking put a song that explicitly talks about Mario in their exclusive game? The only thing that beats this is the F1 car sporting the PlayStation 2 logo on F1 Career Challenge for the GameCube.




Connection at home is crap. Is there a way I can download Steam games on my laptop elsewhere and then move them to my gaming PC?


Spoilarz for Detective Pikachu and a Nintendo DS cult classic in the first comment


Can you think of a single video game main character who pulls up a hood or does anything else to avoid getting wet when it rains?


PSA: Kingdom Come 1.8.1 patch (7 gigs heavy) is out and you can grab the new DLC for 8 eurobucks.


The mayor of Rome definitely copied her outfit from AC Odyssey's Kassandra.


Question from a Metal Gear newbie (only played Solid 1 and 3): where does Snake's beard in Smash come from? Isn't he supposed to be Solid rather than Big Boss?


Unlike other video game stores, which are made for fans of lawnmowers.


A friend called because he forgot his PSN password and can't remember the answer to the secret question, nor the birth date he gave (I know, I know). He called me for help, but I'm afraid there's nothing I can do.


Playing Shadows of The Damned. Haven't played anything this funny since Blood Dragon.


Does anybody know if DS Prepare To Die's online features are still up? I mean, I can see people's messages and their gruesome deaths, but can I add any? Or are they all from back when the first game was removed from Steam? And do invasions still work?


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