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So... rocket league switch... omg omg omg! Such salt... on a Nintendo...I love it!


I've decided to learn how to play killer instinct on SNES as I was never any good, button mashed and got sick of it after 5minutes! Omg it is sooo hard to do the combos. I'm nearly ready to face the actual game!! *update: fuck you killer instinct!


So, another dev can't port some shit to Switch because of the number of buttons?! Wtf... Sooo... Please, add your excuses: "We can't port this game to Switch because..."


im currently reppin Mr Destructiod on Rocket League. but how in the fuck did it get on there? who is responsible? i want answers goddamnit!


Look what mashlad27 dug out the loft! And yes, it works, though not completely glitch free, already had 2 saves corrupt! Already smashed fzero, including master mode. I forgot how much the game would screw you over!! I love it!


Hmmm... It seems Fidgit Spinners are the new yo-yo! Lol, I'm showing my age there!!! My nephew assures me Fidgit spinners are good for kids with Sarcasm! I asked him if he meant Autism. He looked at me blankly and said "Well, derrp uncle Mashlad"


Me and my pal tripping balls on magic truffles in Amsterdam the other week... B-)


Playing hooky: Back in the day!

Back in the day, 1998, i was 15. I pre ordered Ocarina of Time for my n64 about a month in advance, and was counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds down! With the release date being a Friday if I remember rightly, It came as a to...


I'm getting some crazy Deja-Vu today! Has today already happened?


Kids sure use the N word a lot on Rocket League. Their words don't hurt me though, it is their complete lack of class that offends me the most.




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