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People often complain about dropping hot in battle royals, but I think there's a great point in doing it. If you're team refuses to work together early on, there is literally no way you're going to win the game with them unless you're insanely good


I'm not sure how I didn't know this existed, but til about the dragon ball fighting game on psp


I feel like I only post here when I'm down. So here's some positivity. Especially since bojack was brought up recently.


I just finished my first battle pass with over a week left in the season and I feel very proud of myself


2021 rang in the year by my cat dying. This is the first 24 hours in 10 years that I know I won't see him again. It sounds pathetic but he was my best friend, and I feel like the world is over. This is the last picture I have of him,


So cold war is much better than I thought it would be. The sp bad ending had me in shock,


All of the cumpilations, gone, like sands in the wind


Please stop calling me out through memes


I've been playing a ton of apex, partially because when I get on the phone with my sister I can't focus on story driven games, so I go to apex, not important, I'm now addicted to dailies


Currently (ps4) I have no collision detection when i drive, so I'm pretty sure the game isn't well optimized. Still funny tho


Never forget the "graphics don't matter criwd", the "sjws are ruining gaming" crowd, and the "review bomb every major release" crowd are part of a venn diagram that is almost a circle


Cdproject just bought a minority stake in Nvidia and amd a week before launch


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